Rs 1 Crore Penalty On MBBS Students In UP If They Don’t Spend 10 Years In Govt Service!

Rs 1 Crore Penalty On MBBS Students In UP If They Don't Spend 10 Years In Govt Service! Applicable For These Categories
Rs 1 Crore Penalty On MBBS Students In UP If They Don’t Spend 10 Years In Govt Service! Applicable For These Categories
  • UP govt makes it compulsory for doctors pursuing PG in the state to work for 10 years or else pay a fine of 1 crore.
  • The government is planning to give concessions in NEET PG exam to doctors who have already served in the state.

The Yogi Adityanath led UP government has made it mandatory for doctors who are pursuing post graduate in the state to work for government hospitals for a decade. Incase of insubordination the doctors will have to pay a hefty amount as fine.

Though the decision is taken to ensure the quality of services provided by government hospitals, is it really going to work in the favour of the state is doubtful.

What is the UP government imposing on doctors?

Amit Mohan Prasad, Principal Health Secretary of UP, on Saturday said, “UP Government mandates 10 years of service in the department for medical students undergoing Post-graduation course in the state. Anyone failing to do so has to pay a fine amount of Rs 1 crore.”

This means it will be compulsory for doctors who have enrolled in post-graduate courses in the state to serve for at least 10 years in government-run hospitals

Additionally, the health secretary also emphasized that any students leaving the PG course in between, will be disqualified to pursue the course for the next three years.

Why is this decision taken by the UP government?

The decision of the government in the state has been taken in the view of the shortage of specialized doctors in government-run hospitals and health centers.

According to the health secretary, more than 15,000 posts are available for doctors in UP government hospitals. But 11,000 posts filled by MBBS doctors who are currently working for the state leaving 4000 vacant posts.

To encourage doctors to work for the government hospitals, the UP administration has also planned a new quota in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) PG exam for doctors who have worked for the state. 

According to which the MBBS doctors who are employed in a rural government hospital for one year, two years or three years will get a concession of 10, 20, 30 points in the NEET PG entrance exams respectively.

UP health ministry has assured the medical officer will be given a post immediately after completing the studies. After PG, government doctors cannot do senior residency and no NOC will be issued from the health ministry in this direction.

Is this mandate really fair?

The orders issued by Yogi Adityanath led government has got a mixed response.

Supporting the decision, a civilian tweeted, ‘Its game changer. Getting subsided education from Govt institution and get employed with private entity without rendering service for state was unethical when the state suffers shortage of doctors.’

While others feel that the decision will just turn the doctors away from working for the state, ‘You are aware that students who score well in entrance exams can just decide to opt for other states right? Where does that leave patients, especially in a state which is anyway at the bottom of medical infra and services.’ another tweet said.

We feel, though It is important for government led hospitals to have well qualified doctors so that every citizen gets proper medical care but the doctors can’t force doctors to do so. 

Making a scheme for doctors to work for a minimum 3 years seems practical, but imposing an order on them for 10 years is way too much.The government needs to encourage doctors by giving them privileges so that they think of working for the state naturally and not because of an order inflicted upon them.

Note here, that this provision of Rs 1 crore penalty has been imposed only for those MBBS doctors who get admission under Provincial Medical Health Service (PMHS).

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