Pay 1686% More To Do MBBS In This State! Govt Imposes 7-Yr Bond At Rs 36 Lakh For Doctors

Pay 1686% More To Do MBBS In Harayana! Govt Imposes 7-Yr Bond At Rs 36 Lakh For Doctors
Pay 1686% More To Do MBBS In Harayana! Govt Imposes 7-Yr Bond At Rs 36 Lakh For Doctors

In an unprecedented move, Haryana Govt has not only increased MBBS tuition fees by whooping 66%, but have also imposed a 7-year bond on all fresher Doctors.

In case the bond is broken, then the Doctor needs to pay massive Rs 36 lakh as fees.

No other State Govt has ever imposed a bond for students, especially freshers.

What exactly is happening in Haryana?

Haryana Govt Imposes 7-Year Bond For Doctors

In a very strange move, Harayana Govt has imposed a 7-year bond on all doctors, who have studied from Govt run institutions.

For the 4 years of MBBS, a student will have to pay Rs 36 lakh bond, which is applicable for 7 years.

Hence, the student who has passed out from a Govt run institution will have to work only at Govt hospitals for next 7 years, to get the bond money back.

In case the doctor joins any other hospital, then Govt will stop paying back the bond money.

MBBS students and the medical fraternity has opposed this move.

Bonds are usually imposed by private institutions and corporate sector, to ensure that the student/employees work for a minimum period of time.

But a State Govt imposing a bond for freshers is unheard of.

MBBS Fees Hiked by 66%

While imposing the bond, Harayana Govt has also increased the MBBS fees by massive 66%.

Instead of Rs 2.24 lakh fees for 4 years, students will have to pay Rs 3.71 lakh fees.

This is also a big increase in the fees, suddenly.

If we add the bond amount and the increase in fees, then the overall expenditure of doing MBBS increases by 1686% in Harayana, for 4 years.

If the bond is not broken, then Rs 36.28 lakh will be returned over a period of 7 years.

A Harayana based MBBS aspirant said, “The government could have announced the fee hike prior to the NEET 2020 exams. Now, students are stuck. Taking a Rs 36-lakh loan from a bank is not a small matter. If we end up getting good job opportunities outside the State, we won’t be able to take them,”

We will keep you updated as more details come in.

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