4 Lakh Govt Bank Employees On Strike Today Opposing Labour Policies; SBI Branches Will Be Open?

4 Lakh Govt Bank Employees On Strike Today Opposing Labour Policies; SBI Branches Will Be Open?
4 Lakh Govt Bank Employees On Strike Today Opposing Labour Policies; SBI Branches Will Be Open?

Nationwide Banks to go on strike on November 26

  •   Most Of The Banks To Go On Strike Against ‘Anti-Labour Policies’
  •  Closure Of Banks Won’t Affect Online Transactions, Net Banking Or The Working Of ATMs.

Most of the banks across the nation are going to be closed today, November 26, because of a nationwide strike. They will resume their working on Friday 27th but only to be followed by another two holidays( fourth Saturday and Sunday). The banks have made their customers aware about the situation through social media platforms.


 What is the strike about?

The Central Trade union is upset over the three key labour laws recently passed by the central government in an undemocratic way. The legislature was passed before consulting trade unions and workers who will be the major witness of the changes caused by the law. These changes fail to protect the rights of workers leading to increase in their vulnerability.

 Who is supporting the strike?

 The one day long nationwide strike is going to be joined by Ten central trade unions, barring Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS).  The All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA), All India Bank Officers Association (AIBOA) and Bank Employees Federation of India (BEFI) are going to support this strike against ‘anti-labour policies’ and privatization bids.

In support of the strike AIBEA released a statement saying, “The Lok Sabha in its recently held session has passed three new labour enactments by dismantling existing 27 enactments in the name of ‘Ease of Business’, which are purely in the interest of corporates. In the process, 75 percent of workers are being pushed out of the orbits of labour laws since they will have no legal protection under the new enactment” 

Why are banks supporting the strike?

In this strike, the bank employees are also going to focus on their demands such as opposition to bank privatisation, opposition to outsourcing and contract system, adequate recruitment, stern action against big corporate defaulters, increase in rate of interest on bank deposits and reduction in service charges.

‘The present government is pushing its agenda of privatisation in the name of ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’, and is resorting to large scale privatisation in the core sector of the economy which includes banking,’ the AIBEA said in a press release.

How to carry out banking related work on the day of strike?

Though AIBEA contains most of the banks, State Bank of India and Indian Overseas Bank are not included in it. Around four lakh bank employees from various public, private banking sectors as well as few foreign banks are members of AIBEA. The association revealed that around 30,000 bank employees from 10,000 bank branches of public sector banks, old generation private sector banks, regional rural banks and foreign banks from Maharashtra are going to be a part of this protest.

Also banks like the Punjab and Sindh Bank have taken necessary steps to ensure that essential banking services are not hit due to the strike, the public sector bank said in a regulatory filing.

Irrespective of the closure of banks on 26 November, digital transactions are still going to be available. Hence users can carry out their important banking activities and transactions through Net Banking or Mobile Banking. At the same time, ATMs are also going to be open for withdrawal of money.

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