Work From Home For 95% TCS Employees, But TCS Is Building 60 Lakh Sq Feet Office; Why?

Work From Home For 95% TCS Employees, But TCS Is Building 60 Lakh Sq Feet Office; Why?
Work From Home For 95% TCS Employees, But TCS Is Building 60 Lakh Sq Feet Office; Why?

When it comes to the new model of working and delivering, Tata-owned TCS has shown the way forward.

While 95% of TCS employees will work from home by 2025, TCS is building massive campuses of 60 lakh square feet area.

Find out why?

95% TCS Employees Will Work From Home

As we reported earlier, TCS has allowed 95% of their 4.5 lakh strong workforce to work from home, and the plan is that by 2025, only 25% of the employees need to come to office.

This has again been confirmed by V Ramakrishnan, Chief Financial Officer of TCS.

TCS has already successfully implemented their Secure Borderless Workspaces (SBWS), which enabled lakhs of employees to start working from home, within days of the lockdown in March.

This massive shift from a centralized, tightly controlled delivery mechanism to a distributed delivery mechanism was praise-worthy, and this ensured no disruption of their work.

Now, the same model of distributed delivery via work from home will be implemented for 95% of the employees, by 2025.

But TCS Is Also Making 60 Lakh Square Feet Office

However, despite allowing 95% of the employees to work from home, TCS is ramping up their office space. 

As per reports, they are building a new 50 lakh square feet office, and leasing another 1 lakh square feet office space across India.

As per V Ramakrishnan, TCS is doing this to create more space for their research and developement projects.

In fact, all the vacant office spaces across their campuses in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and other locations will be used by their research and developement teams now.

Besides, TCS is now looking at a hybrid model of working, wherein the employees will be free to work either at office or virtually.

 V Ramakrishnan said, “We are saying that in few years’ time we believe that not more than 25 per cent of a person’s time has to be spent in offices or not more than 25 per cent of people will be required in office at a particular time. It does not mean that somebody does not have to go to the office, everyone will go to the office but not for the same length of timeframe. They will be able to work remotely and virtually,”

This is indeed a paradigm shift in the way TCS works, and the way IT industry is movig forward.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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