Delhi-Mumbai Flights, Trains To Be Cancelled Due To This Reason? What Is The Truth? [Updated]

Delhi-Mumbai Flights, Trains Can Be Cancelled Due To This Reason
Delhi-Mumbai Flights, Trains Can Be Cancelled Due To This Reason

Update: After reports came in that Mumbai-Delhi trains and flights can be cancelled, Indian Railways has dismissed the reports, and have stated that the trains are not canceling. Indian Railways said, “There have been reports in section of media today about the cancellation of certain trains on Delhi Mumbai sector. It may be clarified that Railways has NOT taken any decision regarding cancellation of trains on Mumbai Delhi sector.”

Meanwhile Civil Aviation too has stated that they havent received any such notice. So, as of now, all trains and flights between Mumbai and Delhi are running.


As per sources, amidst the rise in COVID-19 cases in Delhi, the Maharashtra government is considering curbing the flights from Delhi to Mumbai and probably train services as well between the financial capital and national capital of the country. 

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Train And Flights May Stop Between Delhi and Mumbai!

Since October 28, there was a sudden jump in the number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi as the daily count reached 5000 for the first time. On November 11, this count rose further to 8000. 

As of November 19 morning, the national capital reported 7,500 new COVID-19 cases.

The sources said that this move is being planned following a rise in Covid-19 cases in Delhi.

No official announcement in this regard has been issued by the government. However, the sources in the Maharashtra government told India Today that formal orders in this regard will be issued shortly.

Centre Formulating Plans For States With A Rise In COVID-19 Cases!

On November 18, the Health Ministry had said that the spillover effect of an increase in daily new COVID-19 cases and fatalities in Delhi can be seen in the NCR regions and within Haryana and Rajasthan where the number of COIVID-19 cases has spiked.

On November 20, the ministry said that the central government is considering sending high-level multidisciplinary teams to the states and Union territories that are recording a hike in COVID-19 cases.

The statement from the Ministry read, “The Union government has advised the State/UT governments to adopt aggressive and widespread testing to ensure that the missed out and undetected positive COVID-19 cases are promptly identified for timely and effective tracing, containment and subsequent treatment.”

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