Trump Is Fired! 3 Reasons Why Joe Biden As US President Is Favourable For India (H1B Visa Ban?)

Trump Is Fired! 3 Reasons Why Joe Biden As US President Is Favourable For India (H1B Visa Ban?)
Trump Is Fired! 3 Reasons Why Joe Biden As US President Is Favourable For India (H1B Visa Ban?)

American has fired Trump, and in a massive way.

77-year old Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who fought the re-election of ex-President Trump is now all set to become 46th US President. After the critical Pennsylvania win, Democrats gained an undefeatable lead over Republicans, which led to Joe Biden’s win.

He will be the oldest US President ever.

His Vice President will be Kamal Harris, who has become the 1stever woman to get elected as Vice President of the USA, which is another historical moment. 

Here are three reasons why Joe Biden, and a Democratic Govt in the USA will be beneficial for India:

Kamal Harris: 1st Ever Woman Vice President of USA

Kamala Harris is the woman who has created history by becoming the 1st ever woman to get elected as Vice President of USA. 

Her mother is an Indian, who went to the US as a student, took part in the Civil Rights movement, got married to a Jamaican, and gave birth to Kamala, which is another name for Goddess Laxmi. 

The fact that her political career was based around social issues, issues for immigrants, with a heavy backdrop of ‘India’, this is a big development for India in 2020. 

Joe Biden: A Liberal, Democratic President Is An Ally Of India

Joe Biden, and Democrats in general, have been favorable for Indians, since the Cold War era. Republicans in general, are not that close to anyone who is not White, and not American, and India ticks both the clauses. 

Ties between US and India will be now closer than it ever was, in the last 4 years.

Infact, while serving as Vice President under Obama, Joe Biden always pushed for closer Indo-US ties. In 2016, he had said, “My dream is that in 2020, the two closest nations in the world will be India and the United States.”

Biden ensured that the critical nuclear deal between India and the US is signed, and India receives support for United Nations Security Council membership. 

While Donald Trump’s recent bonhomie with PM Modi and India was mainly about China, and how to counter-balance Chinese threat, Joe Biden’s closeness with India is about recognizing India as a global power, on its own merits.

Joe Biden Supports Immigration and H1B Visa

Trump banned all H1B visas till 2020 end, closed down the borders, increased H1B salaries to stop tech firms from hiring H1b employees. 

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and 50+ big tech firms were upset with Trump’s decision to ban H1B visa, and had filed a legal case to stop this H1B visa ban.

On the other hand, Joe Biden has promised that the H1B visa ban will be rolled back, as soon as he becomes President. So yes, a big, major development for tech and IT firms, not only in India, but globally. 

Agree that India won’t be on their radar for the next 6 months at least, since the new President has to take care of coronavirus, China, Middle-east, and the local, domestic issues, but overall, Joe Biden’s tenure as US President is better than Trump, especially today.

Disclaimer: This piece is our opinion based on the publicly available facts and figures. Any discrepancy in facts and numbers will be investigated and edited. Get in touch with us, and let us know immediately. 

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