H1B Visa Ban, Salary Hike Will Be Reversed Now? Joe Biden’s Promise As US President

H1B Visa Ban, Salary Hike Will Be Reversed Now? Joe Biden’s Promise As US President
H1B Visa Ban, Salary Hike Will Be Reversed Now? Joe Biden’s Promise As US President

As news is coming in regarding the US Election results, it has become very clear that Joe Biden will be the 45th US President. Although existing President Trump has refused to concede defeat, most of the media outlets from the US have declared that Joe Biden will be the next President.

Now, the big question: Will Joe Biden roll back the H1B visa ban, and H1B visa hike, which has adversely impacted the IT industry in India, and globally. 

This is what is happening now..

Joe Biden Had Promised: H1B Visa Ban Will Be Rolled Back

While campaigning for US elections 2020, Joe Biden had promised in the month of July that if he becomes the next US President, he will roll back the decision to ban H1B visa allocation.

Ex-President of the USA, Donald Trump had banned all sorts of H1B visa and other prominent job visas till the end of 2020, due to coronavirus impact. This ban came into effect from June, 2020.

The logic was that, by stopping foreigners from getting American jobs, he will make America great again, and help locals get more jobs.

Next month, Democratic candidate Joe Biden during election campaigning had promised that if he wins, then the H1B visa ban will be reversed.

He had promised that his Democratic Govt will treat all immigrants as equal, and there will be no ban on the H1B visa.

He had said, “We support awarding visas for permanent, employment-based immigration in a way that is responsive to labour market needs. We want to attract and keep talent in this country, which is why Democrats will end the Trump administration’s freeze on green cards for new immigrants and instead pursue a meaningful reform agenda”.

But H1B Visa Salary Hike Can Take Time To Be Reversed

When it comes to the reversal of the H1B salary hike rule imposed by President Trump, it may take some time now.

Mainly because the Department of Labour rule regarding increased salary hike came into effect from October 16th, and to reverse an existing rule may take some legal delays. 

However, overall, it’s expected that Joe Biden will roll back both the decisions and make it easier for foreign firms to employ skilled workers in the US.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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