This Is How Skullcandy Aims To Improve Mental Health Using Music & Positivity

This Is How Skullcandy Aims To Improve Mental Health Using Music & Positivity
This Is How Skullcandy Aims To Improve Mental Health Using Music & Positivity

This is a Guest Post by Amlan Bhattacharjya, Founder & CEO of BrandEyes, makers of Skullcandy.

The author says, “We, at Skullcandy aim to address the growing mental health crisis among millennials in the country.”

India has a startling statistic when it comes to mental health. A WHO report reveals that about 20% of India suffers from some form of mental illness. That’s one in every five persons, with stress and depression on the rise amongst millennials. 

The uncertain COVID 19 and the subsequent lockdown has further pushed the working millennials towards mental strain. Staying in isolation, restrictions in mobility, and new normal of working from home poses its own set of challenges. The added everyday uncertainty is giving them stress and disturbing their otherwise available sense of control.

Long work hours is one of the key reasons as millennials chase their goals and dreams, and they find it hard to juggle their work and personal life. They prefer jobs that offer them a combination that helps boost their personal as well as professional skills. And many times when their work doesn’t allow for that, it makes them dissatisfied, leading to stress. The work pressure doubles up through social pressure that youngsters today live in. 

One of the major reasons mental stress is increasing, is the fact that most of these millennials don’t feel comfortable talking to medical professionals about mental illness. Owing to the social stigma attached to it. 

As a brand, founded at the centre of music and board sports, we live by the mantra: “We don’t want you to just listen to music. We want you to feel it.” As we looked to create our new take on moods and music, we wanted to listen carefully to the voices of our core customers. It became very clear that mental health is a critical topic for them. 

Therefore, we announce Mood Boost, a powerful program designed in response to the growing mental health crisis among Millennials and Generation Z, especially during this difficult time. Mood Boost is our way of shining a spotlight on this issue and ways to seek help. We hope to encourage positivity amid the growing mental health crisis we all face today. 

Every month, MOOD BOOST spotlights a positive mood to lift our collective spirits through. Each mood is brought to life through exclusive music artist partnerships, athlete content, limited-edition product drops and visual artist collaborations. Some of the rising names from music, pop culture and the adventure sports include Rapper Rico Nasty- Latinx singer-songwriter, Cuco – Indie-pop singer-songwriter Gus Dapperton – London-based pop sensation – Rina Sawayama, London artist – Tina Touli,  design duo Rude, New York City artist Queen Andrea, French Paiheme Studio, Surfer CocoHo, snowboarder Mark McMorris and skateboarder Jenn Soto are among others in its  roster. 

The campaign kick started on April 7 and every month it celebrated different moods starting with Blissful and in next few months it explored additional moods such as ‘Original,’ ‘Strong,’ ‘Hopeful’, ‘Determined’, ‘Curious” — all designed to bring a daily dose of positivity to the social feeds of the brands’ many followers. This month on 10th of October as we observe World Mental Health Day, Skullcandy Mood Boost is ‘Lucky’

Millennials buy products from brands. And brands they love have a greater responsibility to the issues facing their generation.

At Skullcandy, Mood Boost is animportant answer to their request that businesses do well in the world.  It is a unique step forward for the society and is profoundly named as Mood Boost: Music with a Mission.

Mental Health is the need of the hour in today’s time and it is extremely important that we as a loved brand come together and raise a toast against the mental health issue by doing our bit for our customers.

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