Pune Beats Delhi To Become #1 City In Total Coronavirus Cases & Active Cases; Has The Peak Reached?

Pune Beats Delhi To Become #1 City In Coronavirus Cases & Active Cases; Has The Peak Reached?
Pune Beats Delhi To Become #1 City In Coronavirus Cases & Active Cases; Has The Peak Reached?

Pune has now surpassed Delhi and become the city with the highest number of people infected with the Coronavirus disease. 

The city recorded 1931 cases on Monday itself. 

Highest Number of COVID-19 Cases Recorded In Pune; Overtaking Delhi

After the addition of this 1931 new patients detected on Monday, the total count of COVID-19 patients in Pune has gone up to 1,75,105 overtaking Delhi’s 1,74,748 cases. Up untill now, Delhi has been the highest city with COVID-19 patients. 

The figures have been released by the state Public Health Department and are up to 31 August.

Reports have revealed that the maximum number of active COVID-19 patients in India have been registered in Pune. There are about 52,172 patients in Pune, which is higher than the number in Mumbai by 20,000 and 15,000 in Delhi. As much as 4,069 people have lost their lives to the disease, while 1,18,324 people have recovered as well.

The number of increasing cases in the city has led to authorities deciding that patients with mild symptoms or no symptoms should be isolated at their houses instead of bringing them to the hospitals. This move has been taken so that critical patients can be admitted to the hospitals.

District Administration Of The City Has Doubled Up Efforts

The district administration of the Pune has been taking efforts and struggling to keep the disease in check, but numbers show that they havent been enough. The city has been under lockdown since March when the first case of the disease showed up. 

The administration has doubled its efforts in the PMC, PCMC and Pune rural areas by producing two lakh, one lakh and 50,000 rapid antigen kits respectively. Rao said, “The more the testing, the faster it would help in identifying infected persons, so that they can be treated and put in isolation to further check the spread of the infection.”

One area of Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad (PCMC) follows the number of infected patients detected in the PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation). Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao recently observed the trends stating the PMC is two weeks ahead of PCMC whereas the situation of rural areas of Pune is two weeks behind PCMC. 

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