These 5 High-Paying, In-Demand Tech Jobs Don’t Need A College Degree!

These 5 High-Paying, In-Demand Tech Jobs Don't Need A College Degree!
These 5 High-Paying, In-Demand Tech Jobs Don’t Need A College Degree!

There is a misconception that tech jobs require you to have a stellar educational background. In fact, there are jobs and employers who are not looking for bookish knowledge, but skills and experiences along with it. 

Which tech jobs are available in the market that don’t ask for a college degree? Let’s find out!


Top Five High Paying Jobs That Don’t Ask For A College Degree

Here are the top five tech jobs that are willing to look beyond a college degree:

Data Scientists

Data scientists are hired on their skills and experience alone, therefore the educational degree is not really an important criterion. Data scientists are also paid quite nicely, and there is a great demand for them in the market on a global level. Also, data scientists have reported the highest level of job satisfaction in numerous online surveys.

Front-end engineer

Front end engineers will always be in demand, especially now that the country is going digital. With a salary of $63,500 in international organizations on starting itself, this job is not one to go off the market. A college degree is not a requirement here as well, but the experience of a few years in front end technologies would suffice.

Java Developer

Programming languages are very much in demand and Developers who are skilled at Java are paid as much as $63,000 per annum. Many web developers prefer Java among all the new programming languages and skills, therefore the demand for Java Developers is sky high. Here are some more of the coding languages that you should learn if you’re looking for a job in this field.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing skills are what many employers are looking for in this day and age of digital transformation. There is a massive demand for DevOps and cloud computing professionals, and reports suggest that these professionals are offered an average annual salary of $82,780.

Business Analysts

With an annual salary of $58,340, this is another profession that doesn’t quite require a college education necessarily. Skills and experience are preferred over a college degree by employers who are looking to hire individuals who are skilled at analyzing the business domains and documents of the company.

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