1.2 Lakh Infosys Employees Will Get Promotions & Salary Hike: Find Out Who Are Eligible?

1.2 Lakh Employees To Be Promoted In September 2020
1.2 Lakh Employees To Be Promoted In September 2020

Infosys has some great news for its employees! As per new reports coming in, junior and mid-level employees of Infosys will be given promotions.

Infosys is reportedly offering them promotions to retain the employees, as we all know that there have been many employees quitting the company. 

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Infosys To Promote Its Mid Level And Junior Level Employees In September 2020 

The hiring and promotions of employees were put on hold by the leading IT company in April due to the lockdown imposed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

However, now the company has confirmed that they will be resuming their promotion cycles and be offering promotions for their employees this September. Also, these promotions will be handed out to only Mid-Level And Junior level employees.

There is no news about salary hikes or compensation revision in the salary annexures of the company’s employees. 

As per reports, the company will be offering promotions to job level (JL) five and below, which will comprise of employees with work experience of fewer than 10 years. As per reports, this means that more than half of the employees of the company will be eligible for promotions in September 2020. 

The total headcount at Infosys is 2.4 lakh, and about 1.2 lakh employees will be promoted this September.

Krish Shankar, group head, for human resources said, “( However) the compensation revision, we have put on hold. Some of the promotions, we are going to start (this quarter). Promotions are also linked to where there are (vacancies).”

Infosys To Be The First Indian IT Company To Offer Promotions

Cognizant and Capgemini are the global companies that have also offered promotions to their employees. But, Infosys will be the first large Indian IT company that will be offering such promotions to its employees. 

A lot of employees have quit the company, which is quite evident from the manner in which their headcount declined. Reports have shown that the number of employees at Infosys was 2,42,371 on March 30, 2020, which went down to 2,39,233 by June 20, 2020.

Apparently, the quarterly outcome reported by IT companies have been much better than they expected, and IT firms have managed to pull in business, especially in the Digital and Cloud space. 

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