Capgemini Misleads Govt By Claiming No Employee Fired; Earned Leaves Slashed By Consent?

Capgemini Misleads Govt By Claiming No Employee Fired; Earned Leaves Slashed By Consent?
Capgemini Misleads Govt By Claiming No Employee Fired; Earned Leaves Slashed By Consent?

Well, this is something we never expected from Capgemini, the €18.13 billion IT behemoth with 2.8 lakh global employees.

During a recent conciliation meeting with Labor Commissioner in Pune, Capgemini told plain lies, and attempted to mislead the Govt over the termination of employees, and reducing their earned leaves.

Why has Capgemini done this?

Capgemini Misleading The Labor Commissioner

During the conciliation meeting between NITES, Labor Commissioner, and Capgemini, it was informed by Capgemini representatives that they didn’t fire any employee during the lockdown.

Besides, they also claimed that all the earned leaves which were slashed for hundreds of employees in Pune were done after consent.

This is a plain, blatant lie since we have in our possession several termination letters issued by Capgemini, and also complaints by employees whose earned leaves were forcefully canceled during the lockdown.

It seems that Capgemini had to resort to telling lies and misleading the Govt since they fired employees illegally during the lockdown, and right now, they are in trouble.

Harpreet Saluja, Founder & General Secretary, National Information Technology Employees Senate NITES said, “We had filed the complaint against Capgemini with Hon’ble CM Shri Uddhav Thackeray ji, Labour Minister Shri Dilip Walse Patil ji, District Collector Shri Naval Kishore Ram ji & Labour Commissioner Office in April 2020 and were rigorously following up. The next meeting is scheduled on 28th July 2020 and we will be busting the cover up of Capgemini. Statement submitted by Capgemini that neither they have terminated any employee nor they have deducted leaves is a sheer lie. We urge all the Capgemini employees who were terminated or forced to resign by the company to contact us immediately.”

But misleading Govt officials, that too Labor Commissioner and telling lies about the termination of employees is not fair, and not ethical.

Reacting on this development, Vivek Mestri, Vice President of National Information Technology Employees Senate-NITES said, “Capgemini Management is misleading labour commissioner office. We have received complaints from many Employees regarding illegal termination, forceful resignation, non payment of salaries etc. As per honourable labour commissioner office guidelines, we will be submitting detailed say to the labour officer Mr. Sameer Chavan Sir for further course of action.”

What This Conciliation Meeting Was Arranged?

This conciliation meeting was arranged between NITES, Capgemini and the Labor Commissioner to reinstate around 300 employees who were fired by Capgemini during the lockdown.

After these employees raised this issue with NITES, they filed a complaint with the Labor Commissioner, and based on this complaint, Capgemini was asked to reinstate those terminated employees.

We have already reported how Capgemini canceled earned leaves of several employees, and the complaint was raised on this issue too, which prompted the Labor Commissioner to issue an order not to cancel the leaves.

Next meeting between NITES, Capgemini, and Labor Commissioner has been scheduled for July 28th.

NITES has issued a statement on this:

“Next hearing date at Labour Commissioner Office is on 28 July.

Capgemini has submitted their statement. As per Capgemini representatives they haven’t terminated any employee under lockdown. They have paid dues of all employees whether permanent or contractual till June 2020. The company has not sent any employee on Leave without pay. The company has paid increments & promotion to eligible employees. The company has not changed leave accrual policy. The company hasn’t taken any decisions that leads to monetary loss of tge employees. Regarding leave deduction policy, Capgemini said that it is by mutual consent of the employees. It’s a good news for whomsoever has lost their jobs or salaries as now we will be submitting our befitting reply on behalf of all the employees with all the termination letters. We urge all the Capgemini employees who were terminated or forced to resign to contact us immediately to save their jobs.”

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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