3 Reasons Why Cognizant India’s Top Executives Are Quitting – #1 Reason Is About Cognizant CEO’s Role

3 Reasons Why Cognizant India's Top Executives Are Quitting -  #1 Reason Is About Cognizant CEO's Role
3 Reasons Why Cognizant India’s Top Executives Are Quitting – #1 Reason Is About Cognizant CEO’s Role

There have been multiple instances of top level executives of Cognizant walking out of the company in recent years. 

What is the reason behind these exits of high level executives of Cognizant? Read on to find out!


Multiple Exits Of High-Level Employees At Cognizant; Who All Quit Cognizant?

Until now, multiple senior level employees have the leading American multinational corporation that provides IT services, Cognizant, after quite an impressive tenure at the company.

The latest one to leave was the Chairman and the Managing Director of the company, Ramkumar Ramamoorthy. Whereas, there was also news about global delivery head Pradeep Shilige stepping down from his role.

Then there was Debashis Chatterjee, who was the executive vice-president and president of global delivery also quit the company after a huge stint of 23 years.

In addition to this, senior vice presidents such as Jaideep Poondir, Rajesh Balaji, and Vinayambika Kidiyur, Archana Ramanakumar, and Vikash Gaur have also quit the company in recent years. 

Why Have So Many Senior Employees Quit Cognizant: 3 Reasons

Arrival Of The New CEO

There have been major changes in the senior management of the company, which might be a primary reason behind this.

In April 2019,  the Chief Executive Officer Francisco D’Souza was replaced by Brian Humphries. And as per the reports, most of these high level exits have happened after his arrival.

There is a possibility that the expectation of changes in the leadership structure has impacted the decisions of the departing executives.

Pareekh Jain, founder, Pareekh Consulting, a tech consultancy firm remarks, “When D’Souza was the CEO, the India connect was there. But after Brian, Cognizant did not have the Indian connect despite the country being the largest delivery centre unlike its peers.”

As per rumors, the arrival of the new CEO has changed a lot of dynamics within the top management, and this can one of the strongest reasons why several top executives have left the company.

Restructuring Of Top Management

The company’s new CEO has already announced that 400 senior executives will be fired, and their severance package will be slashed down, as a part of the Cognizant’s realignment programme to enhance cost structure and delivery effectiveness.

As per reports, Humphries is of the opinion that there are too many people on the top level management of the company.

As per another report, he also wants that the company be managed by employees from cutting edge technologies and Digital Transformation area.

Hence, the top level exits of India’s leadership can be part of this pogrom to reduce the number from the top.

Coronavirus, Maze Ransomware & Business Slowdown

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has also acted as a catalyst in people leaving the organization, since business is down, and there is an element of uncertainty all around.

Even before the pandemic, Cognizant had reported heavy losses, and the recent Maze ransomware attack has also dented their bottomline.

The company is looking for some drastic changes and transformation, and the exits from the top management can be related to this new reality.

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