3 Reasons Why India To UAE Direct Flights Will Start Soon (Demand, Visa, Jobs & More)

We have a follow up good news for Indians with a UAE residency visas or work permits, currently living in India and desperate to return to the UAE for joining their jobs.

UAE’s Ambassador to India Ahmed Albanna has announced this Wednesday that the country has discussed elaborately with India, to soon start flights which would carry  Indian citizens (with their UAE visas) to UAE cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, among others.

We have tallied and inked down the 3 major reasons behind starting direct flights from India to UAE (Soon).


#1. Increasing Demand for Flights from India to Dubai

Due to strict border conditions in the two countries due to the coronavirus, thousands of Indian citizens with work permits and residency visas have been stranded in India.

Airline officials have stated that plenty of such citizens have written and requested both the governments to waiver off the border restrictions so that they can fly to UAE to join their jobs as soon as possible.

According to an official, “We have received thousands of requests from people saying if they do not return back to Dubai in time, they will be sacked from their jobs”.

This has been one of the most primary reasons: a catastrophic surge in demand for both countries to allow such citizens to fly to the UAE, to ensure the start of flights operating from India to UAE.

#2.  Requirements for Indians to Fly to the UAE?

Sure, the UAE diplomat has announced to entertain flights from India, carrying UAE visa holders to the country.

However, safety and security to the fellow citizens of the UAE still remains the topmost priority for the UAE government, as it should be.

Lowering their borders for India does create an alarming move for UAE, due to the COVID pandemic.

Consequently, the UAE government has launched certain requirements for an Indian citizen to enter into the UAE. The most important 2 requirements are:

  • Such Indian citizens must be approved from the UAE Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. This approval can be taken online.
  • They must have a Covid19 PCR test done no more than 96 hours from the date of arrival into the UAE.

#3. What is Causing Delay for the Move?

The main bottleneck faced by Indian citizens wanting to fly to the UAE, is unfortunately the availability of a means of transport.

If you have been with us for some time now, you must be knowing about the Vande Bharat mission undertaken by the Indian government since the 1st week of May 2020, to repatriate Indian citizens stranded in different countries around the globe due to Covid 19, back to India.

This was carried on using the state-owned airlines Air India, and its subsidiary Air India Express.

However, some time back, the UAE authorities found out that some of these repatriation flights were ferrying regular passengers from India to the UAE, which was clearly meant for carrying Indian citizens from UAE to India.

After this, Air India suspended outbound traffic on these flights and advised passengers to get a specific approval from the UAE Embassy in New Delhi and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation if they wished to travel on outbound legs of the repatriation flights.

#3. When can you Expect the Start of these Flights?

The government is in talks about ferrying Indian citizens to different countries and not just UAE.

It is talking to the governments of the US, France and Germany, to set up travel corridors that would allow airlines from countries of both the origin and the destination countries to carry passengers both ways, besides UAE.

As per the UAE ambassador, in a webinar, “We have been talking and consulting with the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Civil Aviation and hopefully very soon…there will be some operation dedicated to those Indians who are in India with valid residency and work permit, ICA approval and Covid19 PCR test to be able to travel from India into the UAE”.

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