[Exclusive] Govt Issues Notice Against Fareportal For Firing 300 Employees In Pune

[Exclusive] Govt Issues Notice Against Fareportal For Firing 300 Employees In Pune
[Exclusive] Govt Issues Notice Against Fareportal For Firing 300 Employees In Pune

Travel behemoth Fareportal is in deep trouble, once again.

Labor Commissioner in Maharashtra has issued a notice to Fareportal, for firing 300 employees, which violates Govt orders on employment sustainability and helping save jobs.

Will Fareportal respond now?

Notice Against Fareportal For Firing 300 Employees

Kolkata-based All India IT & ITES Employees’ Union or AIITEU has filed a complaint with Labor Commissioner in Maharashtra against Fareportal, for illegally firing 300 employees.

Based on the complaint, the Labor Commissioner office has issued a notice to Fareportal, and asked them to meet them on June 29th.

We have in our possession the letter which was issued to Fareportal by the Labor Commissioner, and it clearly states that these terminations are against Govt order.

You can find the letter here:

Here are some screenshots of the messages shared by Fareportal employees over their sudden firing in March, 2020.

2nd Notice Against Fareportal

Earlier, based on a complaint filed by NITES, Labor Commissioner has issued the first notice to Fareportal in April.

In that complaint by NITES, it was alleged that more than 800 employees are being fired, without any warning.

NITES or National Information Technology Employees Senate or NITES is a nonprofit organization which is dedicated towards the cause of IT and ITeS employees from all over the nation.

Several employees claimed that suddenly Fareportal has resorted to mass-layoffs, and they are not even giving any notice period or warning before firing.

Although travel business has been hit, and companies like Fareportal are hardest hit, but still it doesn’t justify such mass firing, without any notice period.

Now, the second complaint filed by AIITEU has once again compelled the Labor Commissioner office to issue a notice to Fareportal, and help safeguard the employment of thousands of employees.

NITES, along with other prominent labor unions like AIFITE, ITEA have already launched a movement against such unethical layoffs and mass-firing, and help the IT employees.

Called #JusticeForEmployees, this movement has garnered mass support, and hopefully, this will help bring a change which Indian IT and ITeS sector desperately seeking. 

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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