Facebook Dark Mode Coming Soon On Your Android Phone: How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook?

Facebook Dark Mode Coming Soon On Your Android Phone: How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook?
Facebook Dark Mode Coming Soon On Your Android Phone: How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook?

The highly awaited Facebook ‘dark mode’ feature is finally about to be released anytime now.

Amid this Covid-19 outbreak, one thing is sure that Facebook hasn’t been idle. It has been in works on many features, which reportedly is done and can be release anytime soon.

We will provide you in this article, with all that you can expect from the giant, some of the features being widely awaited, like the Faecbook app ‘dark mode’.


Facebook App ‘Dark Mode’ Feature

We have provided you with detailed reports in the past, of Facebook rolling out its dark mode feature to other Facebook-related apps, like Messenger having it since March 2019, Instagram since last fall, Whatsapp making it official a couple of months back and dark mode on the Facebook desktop version.

Despite all of these, the closest you can get to a Dark mode on actual Facebook currently, is the Facebook Lite.

However, the good news here is that this is going to change soon, meaning Facebook has finally had its work all done and complete for dark mode on its application, at least on Android.

The launch timeline is yet to be revealed but the company has started testing it already.

More on Dark Mode

An almost final version of the Dark mode on Facebook app, shows the main Facebook app interface being reimagined for your OLED experience, targeting battery savings.

It will enable users to experience better viewing at night and also save lot of battery. It has been reported that the dark mode option will be listed on the menu right above the Language option.

The feature will offer a manual toggle as well as the ability to follow Android 10’s system-wide toggle. The dark mode uses both dark grays and nearly-black shades, also using Facebook’s blue stable color and white when switching to this mode.

The users need to only click on dark mode and tap on ‘ON’ option, to enable the mode. They can turn it OFF whenever they want.

Another option on the Facebook app is use system setting’. This means if your phone is set to dark mode, the app will automatically turn dark, while in the other scenario, the app will look usual.

Facebook’s Coronavirus Testing Feature

Facebook has also been working on the community service side. Another feature by the giant for its Android app is a tracker for local coronavirus cases. 

A report data from Seattle shows the tracker tracking cases over the course of three weeks and wider county-wide cases over the course of seven days. There’s data at the top of the page that shows confirmed cases globally.

Facebook’s “Time on Facebook” UI

Additionally, the social media giant has also been working on new ways to make you realise your time consumption on Facebook so that you can invest it better elsewhere.

It is working on a refreshed UI for the “Time on Facebook” feature. 

This feature tracks your time usage on the Facebook app on a weekly basis and provides options to better use the app’s settings to manage that time.

This is a refreshed UI, with no new features but just a UI revamp.

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