Lockdown 5.0, Unlock 1.0: State-Wise Rules For Offices, Religious Places, Hotels, Buses, Shops

Lockdown 5.0, Unlock 1.0: State-Wise Rules For Offices, Religious Places, Hotels, Shops & More
Lockdown 5.0, Unlock 1.0: State-Wise Rules For Offices, Religious Places, Hotels, Shops & More

Govt of India has announced new set of rules under two big development: Lockdown 5.0, and Unlock 1.0.

In broad terms, Govt has relaxed several rules for non-containment zones, but the lockdown for containment zones have been extended till June 30th.

At the same time, different states have decided to impose their own set of rules for both Lockdown 5.0 and Unlock 1.0.


Unlock 1.0: Only For Non-Containment Zones

As per a press release by Ministry Of Home Affairs, Govt of India has extended lockdown into phase 5, but this strict lockdown is only applicable for containment zones.

Hence, the naming convention of Green, Orange and Red Zones have been removed.

For non-containment zones, almost every sort of economic, business and religious activities have been permitted from June 8th, except cinema & gyms. 

This means that temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras and all other religious places can be open, along with restaurants, hotels and shopping malls.

Schools and colleges will be closed till July, and a decision will be taken then only.

Gradually, based on the results, other commercial establishments such as cinema, bars, gyms, international travel, metro and others will be allowed. But no date has been mentioned.

Besides, all sort of inter-state travel has been allowed, and no e-Pass shall be allowed.

Lockdown 5.0: For Containment Zones

For containment zones, all previous rules apply: Only essential goods will be allowed to be sold, no person allowed to go out, and night curfew from night 9 to morning 5.

The lockdown will be imposed for containment zones, like it was before.

Here is the order by MHA.

Statewise Rules For Lockdown 5.0, Unlock 1.0

However, these above directives are shared by Govt of India, and the states have their own power and judgment to make the rules under lockdown 5.0, and unlock 1.0, both.

Here are the statewise rules:

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has extended complete lockdown to all cities, till June 15th. CM Shivraj Chauhan said that schools can be opened after June 15th, but a final decision will be taken later.

Hence, the rules for non-containment zones will not be applied for MP for time-being.


Punjab chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh has announced that state will be in complete lockdown till June 30th. However, they will consider the Centre’s guidelines for Lockdown 5.0, and can relax some rules for non-containment zones.

More details are awaited.

West Bengal

Due to rising cases, West Bengal has extended the lockdown till June 15th, but only for containment zones.

Interstate travel and inter-city travel has been allowed and tea gardens, jute mills, micro, small, medium & large industries can also start workin.

The state has divided containment zones in A, B, C categories, and for B and C categories, more rules will be relaxed from June 1st. 

Restaurants, religious places allowed to be open and all offices can also run with full capacity. 


All shops can be opened till 7PM, and the odd-even rule too has been removed from June 1st. Night curfew between 9PM and 5AM will be imposed.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu will follow Centre’s guidelines on the lockdown 5.0 and unlock 1.0, and allow all economic activities in non-containmemt zones. Besides, the state has allowed shooting for movies, TV serials, wherein a maximum of 60 people can gather.


Rajasthan too has relaxed almost every rules under lockdown 5.0 for non-containment zones, and also allowed tourist places to be open, with free entry for tourists for 2 weeks.

These monuments will remain open between 9AM to 2PM on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays for the first week.


Karnataka has relaxed the total curfew on Sundays and will impose only night curfew between 7PM to 7AM.


As per reports, Goa can re-impose the pass system for entering or exiting the state, which was applied earlier. Since the state is witnessing a surge in incoming tourists, the self-pass system can be abolished. 

More details are awaited.

Himachal Pradesh

Buses have been allowed to run between cities and villages, but only between 7AM and 7PM.


Mizoram has extended the lockdown for all cities till June 30th. However, they will consider the relaxation of rules for non-containment zones, as per Centre’s guidelines.

This is a developing story, and we will keep adding new information as it comes in. 

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