LwP For Some Oyo Employees Imposed To Cut Costs; NITES Sends Complaint To Labor Commissioner

LwP For Some Oyo Employees Imposed To Cut Costs; Employee Union Files Complaint With Labor Commissioner
LwP For Some Oyo Employees Imposed To Cut Costs; Employee Union Files Complaint With Labor Commissioner

OYO Hotels was initially against firing Indian employees, but they have now resorted to sending their employees on leaves without pay. There was news earlier about the company slashing 25% of the pay of employees.

However, in a shocking development, OYO Rooms is forcing its employees to apply for a leave without pay. 

The issue has been taken up by NITES, a labor union, as this behavior is clearly a violation of the policy dictated by the State and Central Government. 

The company will soon be served with a notice by the Labor Commissioner. 

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OYO Forces Employees To Take Leave Without Pay Till August End

Towards the end of April, OYO had announced that they will be cutting off 25% of the salaries of the employees and also sending some employees on a leave with limited benefits. More than 3500 employees were to be impacted by this decision.

And now, it has come to our notice that the HR department of OYO Hotels forced its employees to fill out a google form which clearly states that the employee is asking for a without pay leave till August 2020, which is still 4 months away. 

Oyo imposing leave without pay for employees
Oyo imposing leave without pay for employees

This is without a doubt very unethical on the part of OYO Hotels & Homes. Also, as much as 50 percent of the employees have been forced to accept this leave without pay.

The email sent to the employees states, “We have noted that you have expressed your desire to go on leave with limited benefits for a period starting 4th of May 2020 and until 31st August 2020 and we appreciate your actions as they will help in our continued efforts for the long term care of our employees across the organization and making our business sustainable after we emerge out of this COVID-19 impact.” 

NITES Labor Union Sends Notice To Labor Commissioner; Asks To Take Action Against OYO

The NITES (National Information Technology Employees Senate), a labor union who works for the welfare and rights of IT/BPO/Other sector has sent a notice to the labor department asking them to take appropriate legal action against OYO. The NITES has also filed a petition in the Supreme Court regarding similar lay offs and salary cuts as well. 

Harpreet Saluja, General Secretary of NITES said, “By withholding salaries of 3000 employees, Oyo Rooms is doing a great injustice, especially during these challenging times of coronavirus. We have asked the Labor Commissioner to take action against this unethical move. We will continue our fight.”

As we all know, the Government of India has clearly dictated that there will be no layoffs or salary cuts in this time of lockdown. 

NITES has also been responsible for highlighting such issues. The union recently helped the employees of Tech Mahindra when it sent a similar notice to Tech Mahindra. 

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