Kerala Contained Coronavirus In 100 Days: 5 Ways How Kerala Flattened The Curve

Kerala Contained Coronavirus In 100 Days: 5 Ways How Kerala Flattened The Curve
Kerala Contained Coronavirus In 100 Days: 5 Ways How Kerala Flattened The Curve

Kerala, God’s own country as it is fondly known, has claimed that it has flattened the curve. The coronavirus disease has been spreading without a stop throughout the country but Kerala is the state where the frequency and the number of the coronavirus infected people is the least in the entire country.

How did Kerala manage to do this? Find out what measures Kerala implemented right here!

There have been a total of 100 days since the country reported the first patient of the COVID-19 case. As reported on May 9th, the growth rate of new infections in Kerala was 0.1%, which is the least among all states that have crossed 500 cases.

As per the State Finance Minister Isaac, “On the 100th day of confirmation of the first case of COVID, Kerala flattened the curve. Only 16 active cases remain in hospitals. We are bracing ourselves for the 3rd wave.”

Here is how Kerala was successful in flattening the curve:


Smart Testing Of Suspected Coronavirus Patients

As per reports, the state has used the testing optimally. The number of patients tested never crossed 1000 per day till the end of April and the beginning of May, except for only four days where the number crossed 1000. The average number of tests per day after the active cases crossed 100 has been 687. 

Effective Tracing Of People Coming In Contact With Infected Patients

As per reports, there have been surveillance officers who have taken up tracing the people who came into contact with the ones that tested positive. This is a hugely tedious process as finding out who they came into contact with is very difficult to do.

Effective Isolation Strategy To Prevent The Virus From Spreading Further

When the virus was at its peak, about 550 people under isolation for every active case detected, the total number of people isolated was 1.75 lakh. Additionally, when the cases went over 200, there were about 500 to 750 people under isolation for every case. As of now, there are only 16 active cases, and there have been 20,000 isolated people.

Cooperation And Participation From The Community

The community and citizens of Kerala also contributed to keeping the pandemic under control by actively co-operating and following the rules set by the government. Every organization, every institution was closed down and the public obediently stayed at home to contain the virus.

Robust Hospitals That Weren’t Overwhelmed

Kerala has a strong and robust healthcare system and the state made sure that the hospitals were not overwhelmed at any stage of the disease. Even at the peak of the disease, only 816 people were hospitalized. 

All the other states can definitely take a page from Kerala’s book! 

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