Maharashtra Allows Employers To Impose 12 Hours Shift Instead Of 8; Trade Unions Oppose

Maharashtra Allows Employers To Impose 12 Hours Shift Instead Of 8; Trade Unions Oppose
Maharashtra Allows Employers To Impose 12 Hours Shift Instead Of 8; Trade Unions Oppose

The government of Maharashtra is now planning to allow employers to extend their working hours from 8 hours to 12 hours. The government has permitted employers to do this only until June 30th.

Why has the Maharashtra Government allowed for such an extension of working hours? How have the trade unions reacted? Find out all the details right here!

Maharashtra Government Allows Employees To Extend Working Hours Of Employees

Maharashtra’s labor department has allowed certain industries to extend their working hours. The Government has exempted all the industries that have been registered under The Factories Act, 1948, from four sections of this Act related to the working hours of the staff. However, this will be applicable only till June 30th.

As per an official labor department, “This is not an amendment to the Act, but exemption from certain sections for limited period of time, that is June 30. It is evident that industries which are being allowed to work are facing massive shortage of labour. Unless we made some changes and exemptions, it would have been next to impossible for them to start functioning.”

This move has been implemented in order to deal with the labor shortage that the country is facing. As we all know, the lockdown has been imposed across the country to keep the spreading of the deadly COVID-19 disease.

As per the notification issued by the Government, the employers will be exempted from the Sections 51,52, 54, and 56, which will allow them to work in two separate shifts of 12 hours each. However, this exemption will be applicable only to factories that are undergoing labor shortage.

Labour Unions Oppose Government’s Decision Of Extension Of Working Hours

However, the labor unions have opposed the government’s decision stating that there is no lack of human resources.

Dr. D.L. Karad, national vice-president, Centre of Indian Trade Unions said, “The government’s argument of lack of human resource is far from the ground reality. There are people who are left with no work due to lockdown. There is ample workforce available and instead of giving them work, the government is ensuring that businesses profit by enabling them to employ less labour.”

They are of the opinion that the Government should have conferred with the labor unions before imposing such an important decision.

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