93% Indian Employees Are Stressed Over Returning To Office After #Lockdown: But Why?

93% Indian Employees Are Stressed Over Returning To Office After #Lockdown: But Why?
93% Indian Employees Are Stressed Over Returning To Office After #Lockdown: But Why?

The government of India has already postponed the nation-wide lockdown twice, now extending it up to May 17, 2020. It looks as though the lockdown wouldn’t extend any further.

The government however, will be extra cautious regarding the way people interact and travel to work once the lockdown is lifted.

In the light of this event, the health-tech community product FYI and MindMap Advance Research carried out a survey in the last week of April 2020, which included 560 India Inc employees and found out that about 93% of employees are not very comfortable, rather anxious about returning to office, once the lockdown lifts off this May.

Employee Survey by FYI and MindMap

As India Inc prepares to open offices post lockdown, the health tech community product FYI and MindMap Advance Research conducted an extensive survey among 560 employees of India Inc, across small, medium and large enterprises in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru.

It was found in this survey that an overwhelming number of 93% of these employees were dubious of returning to office, obviously in fears regarding health of self and family.

The effect and clutches of the novel coronavirus isn’t hidden from any of us. We all have seen its magnitude. So, this feeling of fear is quite genuine.

The survey assesses anxiety levels of employees, depicting a strong desire in them comply with the new health monitoring compliance. They expect their employers to take desired measures and own up the responsibilities to ensure a healthy and safe environment for them.

Employee Expectations from Employers

About 99% of employees want to see a system of corporate health responsibility (CHR) made mandatory for employers, just like there is a system of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Another 85% expect their employers to conduct timely sanitization of office spaces and implementing new safety guidelines and enforcing them, while in office.

In fact, not just employees, even the office bodies and employers expect recognition among employees that it would require them to participate in efforts that employers take to make their health a priority.

8 out of 10 respondents said that they would agree to participate in measures that require them to be monitored. 18% of them wanted their data privacy assurance.

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