Govt Allows Interstate Movement: Students, Tourists, Workers Can Go To Their Home Now

Govt Allows Interstate Movement: Students, Tourists, Workers Can Go To Their Home Now

In a big development, Govt has allowed interstate movement across India.

This means anyone can now go to their native place, albeit under some conditions.

Top Developments: Interstate Movement Allowed

Here are the top developments:

  • Centre has asked all states and Union territories to facilitate the movement of stranded citizens, across the nation. Nodal officers will be allocated specific areas, and they have been asked to chalk out a blueprint.
  • As of now, this interstate movement has only been allowed for road travel. 
  • States should coordinate between themselves, and mutually agree upon the protocols and the rules of this interstate movement.
  • No train has been allowed. Migrant workers, tourists and students who are stranded in one state can now travel to their native state only via buses
  • Only sanitized buses will be allowed to be operated
  • Once the passengers arrive at their native place, they will be screened and tested. The present healthcare officials will be take a call whether the tested passener needs to quarantine or get admitted in the hospital or sent back home.

How Will This Execute?

Since there are lakhs of migrant workers stranded in states like Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, MP, Maharashtra, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and wish to go back their native states in UP, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha and others, there will be huge rush at the ISBTs, all across the nation.

It would be a real challenge to screen all of those passengers and test them.

It would be interesting to observe, how they execute this plan.

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