IT Employees Union Exposes Amdocs Layoff Coverup! 150 Employees Fired During #Lockdown [Exclusive]

Amdocs Layoff Coverup Exposed! 150 Employees Fired, Employee Union Has Evidence?
Amdocs Layoff Coverup Exposed! 150 Employees Fired, Employee Union Has Evidence?

The lies and false propaganda unleashed by Amdocs has now been exposed.

It has been confirmed that approximately 150 employees have been fired by Amdocs and their vendors in Pune, despite the entire country in the state of lockdown.

Not only this is illegal, but also inhumane, and unethical.

And more damning is the fact that Amdocs Division President in India has stated blatant lie regarding this massive layoff.

National Information Technology Employees Senate or NITES has the evidence regarding this layoff, and has exposed the tactics employed by Amdocs to coverup this incident.

We will showcase the evidence right here.


Amdocs Fired 150 Employees In Pune: Amdocs Denied This

Earlier this week, we had published an exclusive report, stating that Amdocs has fired 150 employees from their Pune campus, which is being managed by one of their vendors.

After NITES filed a complaint against this firing, Labor Commissioner had even issued a notice to them. 

However, after our story gained momentum, and the news spread, Amdocs Division President in India issued a clarification to all Amdocs employees, stating that the media reports are false.

Here is the screenshot of the mail by Mr. Rajat Raheja to all employees, denying that any layoff is happening. This was a plain lie and a coverup:

Amdocs Exposed: Here Is The Truth Of This Coverup 

NITES, a prominent IT Employees Union with presence in Maharashtra, has obtained evidence that Amdocs has indeed fired 150 employees,

Here is a screenshot of the email which was sent by a vendor of Amdocs, stating that the employee has been fired effective April 9th: (names have been hidden to protect identity, you can see the domain via which email was sent)

Why This Firing Is Illegal?

Govt of Maharashtra had issued a notice on March 30th, which clearly and specificially stated that no employee shall be fired during the nation-wide lockdown, nor any employee will get reduced salary.

Despite this notice and advisory by Maharashtra Govt, Amdocs went ahead, and fired 150 employees.

And on top of that, they denied this later, and tried to coverup.

NITES President Shri Raghunath Kuchik said, “IT companies should refrain from termination of employment and deduction of wages. Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji and Hon’ble CM Shri Uddhav Thackeray ji has already directed the IT industry regarding this. If still IT Employees are terminated, then soon IT companies will face the wrath of IT Employees.”

NITES General Secretary Harpreet Singh Saluja said, “The IT companies using PR tactics are misleading employees and government authorities by covering up layoffs, salary cuts and deducting earned leaves. NITES Union strongly condemns this act of Amdocs and will leave no stone unturned to get justice for the IT and ITES employees. A massive protest will ERUPT once the lockdown is over.”

We never expected such course of action from Amdocs, the IT firm headquartered in  Chesterfield, Missouri, which generated $115 million net profit in the first quarter of 2020.

NITES Files Complaint Against Amdocs

After these developments, NITES has already filed a complaint with Shri Naval Kishore Ram, who is the District Magistrate and District Collector, Pune.

In their letter, NITES stated that employment of more than 400 employees are at risk due to such erratic behavior of leading IT firms.

The letter by NITES to the DM states, “There are many companies like System Plus, Magarpatta & AMDOCS (Quess Corp, Ezest, HCL BPO and Collabera) where more than 400 employees have been removed from jobs. Because of this now Wages and jobs of more than 6.5 Lakh’s IT/ITeS/BPO/KPO employees in Maharashtra is at risk.”

You can find the letter right here:

This is a developing story, and we will keep updating it, as more information is received.

If you are an employee of Amdocs or any other IT firm, and facing job loss and/or salary reduction during the lockdown, then contact us and tell us your story.

We are fighting injustice, and we will strongly protest any such move by any IT firm.

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