#Coronavirus Lockdown: Flipkart Stops All Deliveries, Amazon Will Only Deliver ‘Essential’ Goods

#Coronavirus Lockdown: Flipkart Stops All Deliveries, Amazon Will Only Deliver 'Essential' Goods
Coronavirus Lockdown: Flipkart Stops All Deliveries, Amazon Will Only Deliver ‘Essential’ Goods

PM Modi on 24th March announced an absolute nationwide lockdown for 21 days, starting from Tuesday midnight, in order to contain this war with coronavirus for all of the country’s 130 crore population. This comes post the Janata Curfew that was observed on Sunday, 22 March.

While the nation goes on lockdown for its own good, the ecommerce giants Flipkart and Amazon have decided to temporarily hold back their services. This means that if you have plans to order any items online, you’ll have to wait for the next few weeks.

Flipkart Shuts Services Entirely; Amazon to Deliver Only High Priority Products

To operate in lines with the steps taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the country, the top ecomm cos Amazon and Flipkart have decided to suspend their services for the time being.

While Flipkart has listed all products as ‘Out Of Stock’ on the search page, Amazon will serve only products of high priority.

Flipkart stated in a message on its homepage that they will temporarily be suspending their services, adding that the customers’ needs have always been their topmost priority and that they’ll return as soon as possible.

Stating that these are difficult times, times like no other, the e-commerce giant added, “Never before, have communities stayed apart to stay safe! Never before, has being at home meant helping the nation! We urge you to Stay Home to Stay Safe! We will get there.”

Amazon, on the other hand, will be serving priority products, while making the other products unavailable.

PM Modi and CM Uddhav Thackeray Urge to Not Worry

In a state of complete lockdown for 21 days, people are freaking out and gathering around in sabzi-mandis and ration stores to stock up for the next three long weeks. This absolutely breaks down the idea of social distancing.

Both PM Modi and Maharashtra Chief Uddhav Thackeray have assured that there have been arrangements made for the supply of essential items and there is no need to panic as the state has enough stock.

Meanwhile, assuring people of the state, Thackeray said that whatever measures the state govt has already announced will continue. “Essential services will continue to function. Don’t panic and get confused. Don’t come on the streets and crowd markets and shops.”

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