Realme Band Quick Review, First Impressions: Good Enough For Mi Band 4?

Realme Band beats Mi Band 4? The first fitness band by Realme is said to be at par with the current Mi Band 4 by Xiaomi, and other top fitness bands in the market. But, is it so? Does it even have it in it?

Realme Band Quick Review, First Impressions: Good Enough For Mi Band 4?

Realme Band is currently available at Rs 1,499 in India.

Should you buy the new Realme Band at Rs 1,499? Here’s our quick review and a slight comparison with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4, the most successful fitness bands in the country.

Checkout the top Realme Band features and functionalities.


LCD Display With A Button

The Realme Band comes with an LCD non-touch display. It doesn’t support touch throughout the screen, instead has a button. Realme Band features a 0.96-inch LCD colour display with a pixel resolution of 160*80.

The Realme Band screen is not a touchscreen and you have a virtual button at the bottom of the display.

Multiple Watch Faces

As other fitness bands, the Realme Band also comes with multiple watch faces support. The company has a dedicated Realme Watch app where you can choose your favourite watch face including photos.

The display isn’t one the brightest, and sunlight visibility could be an issue for some.

Realme Band Music & Volume Controls 

You can control music and volume directly from the Realme Fitness Band. Recently added on Mi Band 4, the Realme Band also comes with support for music and volume controls including almost all popular music streaming apps.

Realme Band connects to the Realme Link. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 and is compatible with devices running on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. 

Control Music Directly From Realme Band

You will be able to control music playback on the upcoming Realme Band as playing, pausing songs, skipping, going back and obviously volume. It’s handy while you are on the go, and your Band will do it for you without turning on the smartphone.

You can change any settings on the band like like adjusting the brightness, changing wallpapers, setting alarms and such more using the Link app 

Reject / Silence Calls Directly On Realme Fitness Band

The Realme band can also control incoming calls like rejecting then or to silence. The watch will support rejecting and silencing calls directly from the fitness band.

Also, you can check out who’s calling without the need to open the device.

Activity Tracking On Realme Band

The Realme Band can track different activities such as running, cycling, swimming and more. There are nine sports modes on the Realme Band, including walking, running, biking, and more. It can be used to store any three of the nine sport modes on the watch at a time. 

The Realme Fitness Band can track all your activities keeping a track of your activity time and calories burnt measuring all your outdoor activities in real-time.

Cricket Mode On Realme Band

Realme has added a special Cricket Mode for Realme Band in India, which the company has claimed has been specifically designed for Indian audiences. The data from such activities are recorded on the band is stored on the app.

You can use the app to have all the data at one place.

App Notifications Realme Band: WhatsApp, Messenger Support

The Realme Band will display all sort of app notifications. You can choose from the app which notifications to receive from which apps, and the Realme fitness band will display all details on the watch directly.

Realme Band has a 3-axis accelerometer sensor which wakes the display whenever you lift your wrist.

Realme Band With Continuous Heart Rate Sensing

The band features a heart rate sensor which will continually keep sensing the heart rate. The Realme Band has a 24/7 heart rate which will monitor your heart rate every few minutes or so and will send out alerts when it abnormally decreases or increases.

Sleep Tracking: Realme Band Sleep Monitoring

The Realme Band will also feature an active sleep monitoring option. It will be able to identify different sleeping patterns and will keep a record of your daily sleep. The app will have a patterned data of your sleep which will help you to improve your sleep quality based on extensive sleep analysis.

There’s even a sleep quality and real-time heart rate monitoring feature on the band that sets ‘Idle Alerts’ to remind you to get up at regular intervals.

Battery: Realme Band Battery Life

The fitness band by Real.s will be able to run for more than two weeks easily. It packs a 90mAh battery under the hood. With the heart rate sensor and sleep tracker switched on all the time, the Realme Fitness Band will be able to run for more than a week.

The Realme band has a detachable USB A charger inside the band without the need of any additional charger for the watch. 

Realme Band At Rs 1,499: Worth It?

Realme Band is priced at Rs 1,499. At this price, it seems to have everything you could ask for. From the design to build to an easier charging option, it does pretty much all you can ask for on a budget fitness band. The major con remains the LCD non-touch panel and it’s quite dim for outdoor. 

The first Realme Fitness Band will be competing against Xiaomi’s fourth generation hugely successful Mi Band 4. Mi Bands have been very popular in India, and it has made Xiaomi the number one brand in the wearables market.

The market is already flooded with several affordable fitness bands by companies such as Honor, Huawei, Lenovo and Intex. While Realme will directly challenge Mi Bands by Xiaomi, the current under Rs 1,500-pricing does give Realme Band a heads up in the competition.

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