12 Crore BSNL Customers Badly Hit Due To VRS Scheme; Why BSNL Employees Striking Now?

12 Crore BSNL Customers Badly Hit Due To VRS Scheme; Why BSNL Employees Striking Now?
12 Crore BSNL Customers Badly Hit Due To VRS Scheme; Why BSNL Employees Striking Now?

BSNL is right now in a state of mess, and only BSNL is responsible for it.

On one hand customers are complaining about terrible services and lack of any support, existing BSNL employees, and retired employees are on strike, since they have not yet received the promised relief package.

Who will handle this mess? 

And will BSNL be able to get this mess cleared?

BSNL Customers Complain Against Terrible Services

Ever since BSNL’s survival plan was launched, and around 80,000 employees took VRS to lessen the financial burdens on the state-run  telecom carrier, things have been going downhill for them.

Across India, complaints are rising over terrible service, and more importantly, due to lack of any support from staff.

Infact, around 92,000+ employees have retired from BSNL and MTNL, and they are facing an acute staff crunch.

Support staff, technical staff and administrative staff are no more there, and there is very few trained employees to take care of 12.3 crore BSNL customers, across India.

Take for example, Vinod Desai, who is a retired bank official living in Ahmedabad, and a long time, loyal BSNL user. Now, due to the pathetic service, especially after the VRS campaign, he is planning to shift to a private player.

He said, “Officials say the recent voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) has reduced the workforce and that is hampering the service quality,”

In Gujarat circle, there were more than 10,000 employees, but now, after the VRS scheme, only 6532 employees remain. And this is directly affecting the operations and customer support service.

However, PK Purwar, chairman & managing director, BSNL claims that the employees are managing the staff crunch, and things are working fine. But it is the customers who are suffering, and things aren’t looking good for the 12.3 crore customers. 

BSNL Employees On Strike

It is not only the customers who are suffering.

Even the employees are angry, and hurt, and the reason is delay in releasing the relief package, as promised by the management.

The The All Unions and Associations of BSNL (AUAB)  has announced a hunger strike today, (February 24, 2020), for the same reason.

As per the Union, despite Govt allocating Rs 69,000 crore relief package, things are not moving. Thousands of employees, are yet to receive their relief package, and they are getting restless. Around 92,000 employees have retired, and the company has failed to resolve their grievances.

The strike is also for the future of BSNL – 4G spectrum waves have still not been granted, and the monetisation via asset sales is taking forever.

Things are looking grim for BSNL, as of now.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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