Microsoft Officially Kills Windows 7 For All Users; Aims 1 Billion Windows 10 Users By End Of 2020

Microsoft Officially Kills Windows 7 For All Users; Aims 1 Billion Windows 10 Users By End Of 2020
Microsoft Officially Kills Windows 7 For All Users; Aims 1 Billion Windows 10 Users By End Of 2020

As per the reports, Microsoft is finally ending support for Windows 7 which debuted in 2009, the popular OS that continues to run on millions of devices globally.

How Did This Happen?

The company had been notifying users since last year and starting from 14 January, a full-screen notification will appear for Windows 7 users, warning them about the end of support.

Microsoft is offering a free year of post-retirement updates to Windows 7 customers with active Windows 10 subscriptions to encourage users to upgrade to the newer Windows 10 platform.

Although Microsoft has ended support, it is expected to take a year or two to bring down the market share of Windows 7 which stands at a massive 26%.

Officially the support for Microsoft Windows 7 comes to an end today, January 14. 

“Microsoft will not be providing technical support for any issues, software updates, security updates or fixes for Windows 7 post-January 14, according to an official release by Microsoft.

Why Would This Happen?

It’s not surprising as Microsoft had already ended mainstream support for Windows 7 back on January 13, 2015, ceasing to add new features and ending the validity of warranty claims.

It is said that this move is a step towards Microsoft’s one billion device goal, aiming to have the Windows 10 operating system running across a billion devices across the globe.

As Microsoft earlier stated that it aims to have Windows 10 running on more than one billion devices by the end of this year after eclipsing 900 million last September, reports the New Zealand Herald.

What To Expect Further?

As per the report, individual users can still use Microsoft 7, even install and run it on their devices, but the system, now being outdated, will be even more vulnerable to cyber threats.

The company also informed that hackers have been constantly targeting severe bugs in the Windows 7 system to hack and control devices externally. 

According to a BBC news report, during March 201, Google had even raised a warning against the said problem.

Still, if you are planning to continue using Windows 7, you must have all your security checks in place.

According to Microsoft, they will continue to provide updates for the in-built anti-virus program for Microsoft 7 which is the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) app. 

To ensure maximum safety against malware and ransomware attacks, users must update the security essentials app timely in order.

The users who are looking to update to Windows 10, they can try and do so for free using the Windows Media Creation Tool, according to sources.

You can simply open the tool, enter your Microsoft 7 license key and update to Windows 10. Users must be careful while updating to Windows 10.

For doing so, the user must update your existing software from the Media Creation Tool and not install Windows 10 to run the update. 

If you are planning to install and run the Microsoft 10 update anew, you will be required to pay for the software.

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