Cable TV Expenses Reduced By 57%: Now Watch 200 Channels For Rs 130 NCF

Cable TV Expenses Reduced By 57%: Now Watch 200 Channels For Rs 130 NCF
Cable TV Expenses Reduced By 57%: Now Watch 200 Channels For Rs 130 NCF

In a huge relief to cable TV users all across India, TRAI has reduced the overall cable TV expenses by 57%.

Besides, some major announcements has been made, covering the multiple channel bouquets offered by DTH and Cable firms; and also the NCF charges for multiple subscriptions.

Here are the details..

NCF Reduced By 57%

As of now, NCF of Network Connect Fee of Rs 153 is charged for 100 Free to Air channels, and then Rs 20 additional fee is charged for 25 channels.

Now, as per the new rules enforced by TRAI, the NCF has been reduced to Rs 130, for 200 channels. This doesn’t include taxes.

Hence, with Rs 153 NCF for 100 FTA channels, the cable TV users were paying Rs 1.53 per FTA channel, but with the new rule of Rs 130 for 200 channels, user is now paying Rs 0.65 per FTA channel.

With this, cable TV user will save 57% in their overall cable TV expense.

Another positive change: The mandatory free to air channels which every cable TV operator and DTH firms needs to broadcast, as mandated by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will not be part of the 200 FTA channels list.

Every DPO has been ordered that Rs 160 will be the maximum charge for adding all free to air channel. 

40% NCF For Multi-TV Connection

In case a user has multiple TVs, and multiple cable/DTH accounts, then 40% of the NCF will be the highest which can be charged for the additional TV connections.

Right now, Tata Sky and others are charging full 100% of NCF for the additional TVs and accounts.

New Rules For Charging Channel Bouquets 

As per the new Cable TV Rules, the total sum of MRP of all a-la-carte channels of paid channel under any bouquet will not exceed 1.5 times of the price of the bouquet.

And, the overall sum of all a-la-carte channels part of the bouquet will not exceed 3-times the average charge of each pay channel part of the bouquet.

This means, if a bouquet say B1 has three pay channels: P1, P2 and P3.

These new changes will be applicable from March 1, 2020 for all cable TV users, but by January 15th, the Cable TV and DTH firms should change their rates, and by January 30, 2020, the new rates should be highlighted in the website.

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