Netflix Offering 50% Discount To New Users, If They Choose Long Term Plans

Netflix Offering 50% Discount To New Users, If They Choose Long Term Plans
Netflix Offering 50% Discount To New Users, If They Choose Long Term Plans

Netflix, the world’s biggest on-demand streaming service, has now unleashed a new offer for all new users.

Discounts upto 50% is being offered to new users, on a trial basis.

Note here, that not everyone will be able to view these heavily discounted plans, and Netflix is still testing the waters here.

Checkout the details right here..

50% Discount For New Users 

As part of a new pricing strategy, Netflix in India is testing long term plans for new users. Not all new users, but few random users, based on their location.

A new Netflix users from Udaipur has shared a screenshot of these new plans, and shared with NDTV.

Netflix discounted plans (Source: NDTV)
Netflix discounted plans (Source: NDTV)

As per the details available, discounts upto 50% is being offered right now, for choosing annual plans.

Right now, Netflix offered three monthly plans: Rs 499, Rs 649 and Rs 799, which are categorized based on the quality of videos, and number of devices supported.

Now, in case one continues with the premium plan on the monthly basis, then that user will need to pay Rs 2397 for three months, Rs 4794 for 6 months and Rs 9588 for 12 months.

As per the screenshot shared by the user, the most expensive plan (Premium Plan) is now being offered at a heavy discount for long term selected.

In case the new user selects the premium plan for three months, then they need to pay only Rs 1919, which is a discount of 20%; Rs 3359 for 6 months, which is a discount of 30%, and the biggest discount is for 12 months, wherein the user only needs to pay Rs 4799, instead of Rs 9588.

Certainly a lucrative deal.

Netflix New Pricing Strategy: Will It Work?

Earlier this year, Netflix launched a mobile-only plan, which was priced only Rs 199.

Under this plan, Netflix users can only access the app via a smartphone, and cannot watch it on laptop or TV.

Although no official numbers were shared, but as per insiders, this proved to be one of the biggest hits of Netflix in India, and the number of subscribers increased.

Considering that Netflix is all set to invest Rs 3000 crore for creating content specific to India, they need more subscribers and it seems that the annual plan can be a good platform to fulfill their business objectives.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in.

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