Google Warns Of ‘Severe’ Security Threat For Android Phones, Which Can Destroy Your Software!

Google Warns Of 'Severe' Security Threat For Android Phones, Which Can Destroy Your Software!
Google Warns Of ‘Severe’ Security Threat For Android Phones, Which Can Destroy Your Software!

As per the news coming in, recently, Google has affirmed about its December 2019 security bulletin that it may risk some Android smartphones. 

The search engine company has informed about three major flaws and interestingly out of theses, one is termed as the most dangerous threat to the devices. 


Which Devices Can Get Affected By This Flaw?

As per the bulletin, the mentioned security threat will be affecting devices running on Android 8.0, Android 8.1, Android 9 and Android 10 OS.

The damage in the “handleRun of” might cause an application crash that could permanently block your device from getting fixed, according to the reports.

Usually, this kind of blockage is often created by dangerously built message.

How To Avoid These Threats?

To avoid such kind of situation, the user must immediately install the December security update as fast as it gets available in its fully tested form.

In the December bulletin, the third security bulletin termed as “CVE-2019-2232” is perceived to be the most severe threat so far. 

But no worries since the security patch for CVE-2019-2232 along with the other two security risk updates has been released to the Android Open Source Project for fixation of security breaching bugs.

Why These Kind Of Security Issues Arises?

The main reason behind this kind of security issue because not all Android smartphones get time to time security updates. 

Because of that, the malware get easy access to your phones and easily corrupt the data.

But the sad part is, the users using much older Android phones shipped, won’t at all get the December security patch. 

So, the optimal solution for them would be to replace their devices with the new ones immediately.

Which Brands Will Get The Security Patch Of December 2019?

The Google smartphone brands will receive the security patch of December 2019. 

Because the most popular search engine company has already released its OTA update after the December bulletin was disclosed.

As per the reports, the same OTA update will gradually get shipped to other smartphone brands. 

Whenever the update is going to be available, then firstly you will get this news as a notification. (Reference)

After that, you can check the latest security patch by simply going to Settings section. In there you will have to select About Phone, in that Android security patch level.

Settings > About Phone > Android security patch level

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