Make Money From Home Using These 5 Apps: Now, No Need To Work In A Cubicle For Earning Money!

Make Money From Home Using These 5 Apps: Now, No Need To Work In A Cubicle For Earning Money!
Make Money From Home Using These 5 Apps: Now, No Need To Work In A Cubicle For Earning Money!

The digital invasion is influencing and transforming the lives of millennials in more ways than one. Creative disruption is happening across various aspects of communication and transaction, in addition to management of business.

Where earlier generations had to go ‘out’ to work or to study or to run a business, today, all of these activities can be done from home in new and innovative ways thanks to the advent of smart and advanced technologies. There are a host of apps that can help you make some bucks on the side while sitting comfortably in your living room.

While these apps definitely won’t bring in the Ferrari, they will most certainly help you bring in some extra cash if and when you have some time to spare.

Companies like Meesho, Udaan, Shopix and SocialShop are empowering people in far-flung areas or at home anywhere, to make money through their smartphones.



ShopClues, a leading online marketplace that caters to the ‘Real India’ — buyers and sellers in Tier II/III/IV cities and beyond —has given local brands dealing in electronics, fashion, home and kitchen, a national platform to sell their wares to more than 31,500 pin codes across India.

This e-commerce platform has also started an Affiliate Program — a commission-based programme that allows customers to earn a commission whenever they visit the site through their tracking link and make a purchase on All you need to do to earn that commission is to promote the brand’s offers/banners/coupons on your website.


An Indian-origin social commerce platform that enables small businesses and individuals to start their online stores via social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. Great for people buzzing with ideas and a good business acumen.


A network-centric B2B trade platform that brings the power of technology to its users — traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers — helping them scale and nurture their small and medium businesses.


This allows resellers to explore products from direct manufacturers on the app and share using in-built technology on social networks.


SocialShop is the leading marketplace to buy followers, likes and comments on the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The site allows you to tag your products to media on Instagram, create shopping galleries and embed in your online store, converting social media users to customers to boost social sales.

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