Rent An Electric Bike For Rs 10! Has This Startup Cracked The Mobility Code?

Rent An Electric Bike For Rs 10! Has This Startup Cracked The Mobility Code?
Rent An Electric Bike For Rs 10! Has This Startup Cracked The Mobility Code?

Here’s an innovative news – you can rent an electric bike in Vijayawada for only Rs. 10 for half an hour!

A startup in Bengaluru is offering these electric bikes on rent to people, and by this, they are also supporting the push that the Government is giving to vehicles powered by electricity. 

Find out all the details about this innovative new venture right here!

Electric Bike On Rent At Rs. 10 Per Half Hour: 300 Bookings In 72 Hours

This project is the brainchild of a startup, Lona, headquartered in Bengaluru. Lona has set foot in the market only a couple of days ago, and they are offering electric bikes on rent in Vijayawada, Bengaluru at only Rs. 10 for every half an hour. 

This venture has already won peoples’ hearts, as there have been 300 bookings in only 72 hours! D. Hemant, marketing manager, Vijayawada, said, “Within 72 hours of beginning operations, we have received almost 300 bookings.”

As of now, there are about 40 bright yellow electric bikes available at two junctions – one near the Aayush Hospitals and the other at the Ramesh Hospital junction, available at Rs. 10 for 30 minutes. 

The top speed at which the bikes run is 25 kilometers per hour. There is a lithium-ion battery that powers the bike to travel about 70 km on a single charge. 

To book the bike, all you have to do is download the app on your smartphone. You can also give a missed call on this number: 040-4189-20182. Once you book your bike, you will be guided by the app to the nearest location where the bike is parked. Once you are finished using it, you can leave it at any spot and the bike will be put back to its original spot by the company executives. 

Delivery Agents Elated; Lona Planning 1500 Bikes In Bengaluru Soon

This idea has been loved all over, especially delivery agents who get stuck when there’s a problem with their bike. 

Sai Kishore, a delivery agent, said, “Sometimes when there is a problem with our bike, say a punctured tyre, we get worried about how to complete the delivery. Now we can take this bike and complete our delivery first, and then think about fixing the flat tyre.”

Hemant has also assured that based on the public response, the company will probably introduce 1500 more such bikes at over 200 locations, and all within the distance of 1.5 km each other. This, he said, is a plan for March. 

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