Call Of Duty Beats PUBG; Mobile Zombie Mode Rolling Out For India: Facts You Must Know

Call Of Duty Beats PUBG;  Mobile Zombie Mode Rolling Out For India: Facts You Must Know
Call Of Duty Beats PUBG; Mobile Zombie Mode Rolling Out For India: Facts You Must Know

The Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie mode will now be available in India with a global release starting today. The all new version of the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies-themed season is releasing with some new add-ons and updates.

The new Battle Pass for the Zombie mode also included a gear and loot. 

The COD Mobile season 2 update has been released for all, and it’s now available for all players globally. The season 2 Call of Duty: Mobile update is available for both iOS and Android, App Store and Play Store respectively.

The COD Mobile update has been released, and it’s now live for everyone around the world.

All New Zombie Mode For COD: What’s In There?

The season 2 themed zombie mode for the latest Call Of Duty Mobile is available in raid mode and endless survival mode. The company has confirmed that the zombie horde will be at the Call of Duty: World at War map Shi No Numa.

Coming to the raid mode in the new Zombie season, players now can earn directly points by boarding windows and killing the zombies.

Once you reach the 8th and 12th rounds of the game, they will go against the Abomination (i.e the boss).

The next update has the Endless survival mode. Here you will be able to play endless in a traditional zombie mode. Here the players in the game will survive till they can.

You can also compete against your friends and see who lasts till the end. The ones who stays on the ground for the longest, will win in the endless segment. You have to go against an endless wave of zombies to win the game in the category.

Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode India Release, COD Zombie India Launch

The creators have a timeline ready for different countries. They have announced the latest update for Call of Duty: Mobile with a world map which indicates the release for specific regions. The launch time for each region has been mentioned in the map.

Coming to Call of Duty: Mobile latest update India release, it will be available from today in the country.  

The Call of Duty: Mobile zombie mode has been released for the different mediums in the country, and now it’s available in the country. Call of Duty: Mobile in India have the new zombie map called ‘Shi No Numa’.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombie Survival Mode, Raid Mode: What’s New?

In survival mode of the all new Call of Duty: Mobile zombie mode, the players start to play with a basic gun and kill zombies. You will go on earning points with every passing stage and as you get better and have points, the weapons get better and you earn different perks.

In raid mode, the players in the COD Mobile Zombie mode get point sources on different unlimited zombie attack waves.

As a plus, there’s also an Easter Egg in the zombie mode of the new COD update. You can earn a special reward on completion of the zombie mode. The new COD: Mobile have different new features as character addition, weapons and vehicles with new compact CQB Modern weapons.

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