Patanjali’s Record Revenues Stuns The Market: What’s The Reason For Patanjali’s Comeback?

Patanjali's Record Revenues Stuns The Market: What's The Reason For Patanjali's Comeback?
Patanjali’s Record Revenues Stuns The Market: What’s The Reason For Patanjali’s Comeback?

Patanjali has achieved great success in a very short span of time, and the company has revealed a record-breaking revenue for the September to April time span.

The FMCG company has, in a remarkably short time, has been giving the years old stalwarts such as Dabur a run for their money. 

Patanjali Ayurved prides itself on offering customers products that are fully made in India, and covers a lot of products ranging from beauty products, food items and other household products as well.

To find out Patanjali’s graph that is rising all of a sudden, read on!

Patanjali Makes A Complete Turnaround; Clocks Rs. 1769 Crore Revenue

A company official revealed that in April-June, Patanjali clocked a revenue of Rs. 1793 crore and Rs. 1769 crores in July-September in the current fiscal year. This is the highest figure that Patanjali has hit in its whole history. 

A company official revealed, “This is the figure of the Patanjali Ayurved and does not indicate of all business. We have done internal reconstruction and some of the product lines, which were earlier handled by the company have been assigned to different companies.”

Whereas, in the June quarter and September quarter of 2018-19 Patanjali’s revenue was recorded to be Rs. 937 crores and Rs. 1576 crores, which shows the way Patanjali has made a complete turnaround.

As per the official, Patanjali Ayurved has taken efforts to streamline and strengthen the supply chain and the company has recovered from the negative effects of GST and demonetization as well.

Reasons Behind Patanjali’s Facelift: What Changed

The overall penetration levels of Patanjali products increased to 49.4 % in 2018, which were 44.5% in 2017. Whereas, rural penetration went a whopping 43.9%, which was 13% in 2015-16.

For the last two years, Patanjali has been working on improving its supply and distribution methods. Also, the company took efforts to stick to the revised GST rules and it also went through challenges related to the chain. 

Distributors have revealed that Patanjali Ayurved worked on its inventory to remove any expired products and also boosted the availability of products that are in high demand. This helped the company meet the gap between the supply and the demand, which was observed at high levels for recent years. 

The pricing of the products has also helped to bring up the revenue of Patanjali. The company has come up with multiple enticing offers when they launched special offers, discounts and combo offers for many of their items. 

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