US Govt Bans These Indian IT Firms From Applying For H1B Visa – Checkout The List

US Govt Bans These Indian IT Firms From Applying For H1B Visa - Checkout The List
US Govt Bans These Indian IT Firms From Applying For H1B Visa – Checkout The List

Everyday you hear news of how it is becoming more and more difficult to enter the States. This trend is showing no signs of relief, thanks to the Trump govt. Not just this, the H-1B rejection rates for Indian companies are in serious trouble too.

Not only have the Trump govt been partial towards American companies over Indian IT firms, a new study has revealed that the denial rate of H-1B visas have touched 24% in the third quarter of the current fiscal year, from 6% in FY2015.

Many IT Companies Disqualified From Applying for H-1B Visa

Not only has the US govt reduced the acceptance of H-1B visas for foreign companies, it has gone a step forward, with the US Department of Labor recently revealing the firms that have been disqualified from applying for H-1B visas.

The major IT firms disqualified from applying for H-1B visas are

  • Azimetry Inc.
  • Bulmen Consultant Group Inc.
  • Business Reporting Management Services Inc.
  • NETAGE Inc.
  • Kevin Chambers
  • E-Aspire
  • IT LLC

and more.

However, the rejection rate is recorded highest among the major Indian IT companies. For ‘continuing employment’, there was a 12% rise in declination of H-1B petitions, which was 4 times more as compared to FY2015, when the denial rate was only 3%.

Indian IT Companies Targeted Majorly

We’ve been constantly keeping you updated with the mismatch in the number of H1B visa rejections for Indian based IT companies in the US, over American based ones. The H1B visas for IT firms like Capgemini, Cognizant, Infosys and Wipro is fashionably being mitigated while firms like Amazon, Google or Apple face no such difficulties in hiring Indian talent for the growth of their companies.

  • Cognizant saw over 60% of applications for initial employment rejected in FY2019
  • Capgemini followed with 55% application rejections
  • Wipro with 53% rejections
  • Infosys coming close with 45% of such rejections.

Companies that saw the least number of denials were Apple, Facebook, and Cummins, where only 2% of applications were rejected.

  • Google : 3% rejection rate
  • Walmart : 3% rejection rate
  • Amazon: 6% rejection rate
  • Mindtree: 5% rejection rate

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