Swiggy Will Hire 3 Lakh Part-Time Workers To Become India’s Biggest Private Employer; Aims For 10 Crore Users!

Swiggy Will Hire 3 Lakh Part-Time Workers To Become India's Biggest Private Employer
Swiggy Will Hire 3 Lakh Part-Time Workers To Become India’s Biggest Private Employer

Swiggy aims to hire about 3 lakh people in the next 18 months, and if it does, the company will be hailed as the largest private-sector blue collar job providers of India.

Moreover, the CEO of the company also announced his plans to get 100 million customers transacting with Swiggy for a minimum of 15 times a month. These plans are set to happen over the next decade and a half.

Find out all about Swiggy’s sky-high plans right here!

Swiggy To Hire 3 Lakh People In 18 Months

Swiggy’s CEO, Sriharsha Majety declared that the popular food delivery platform will recruit 300,000 delivery executives over the period of the next year and a half. The addition of these delivery executives will make the total workforce at Swiggy about 500,000. 

He was speaking at the annual tech conference by Swiggy, called Gigabytes. He also said that he believes Swiggy can soon be the largest private sector employer in India, which is currently TCS. TCS has about 4.5 lakh employees presently. 

Majety said, “If some of our growth estimates continue, it will not be too many years before we can be the third-largest source of employment in the country, behind the Army and Indian Railways.” (The Indian Army has about 12.5 lakh people working, and the Indian Railways has about 12 lakh employees.)

Swiggy’s headcount of active delivery partners is about 2.1 lakh as of now. 

Swiggy Aims For 100 Million Customers In The Next 10-15 Years

At Swiggy’s hyperlocal innovation summit, the CEO and Co-founder also declared the company’s plans of having an ambitious 100 million customers connecting with the platform over 15 times a month. This plan pans out over the next 10-15 years. 

The CEO also said that today, Swiggy is the most frequently ordered service.  

Swiggy recently celebrated its 5 year anniversary, and is definitely one of the leading online food delivery platforms today. As of now, Swiggy gets around 1.4 million food orders daily, and has been successful in more than 500 towns and cities. Swiggy has a partnership with over 140,000 restaurants as well. 

As of March 31, 2018, Swiggy’s loses grew by 93% to reach Rs. 397 crore, whereas, the growth in its revenue hiked to Rs. 422 crore, at a rate of 232%. In only 5 years, Swiggy has definitely managed to win the hearts of the foodies in India. Let’s hope the projection of their ambitions happens as planned!

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