Netflix, Amazon Prime To Be Censored Because Of Religious Sentiments, Smoking Scenes

Netflix, Amazon Prime To Be Censored Because Of Religious Sentiments, Smoking Scenes
Netflix, Amazon Prime To Be Censored Because Of Religious Sentiments, Smoking Scenes

As per another round of reports coming in, it has been revealed that OTT apps such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and others will soon face censorship in India.

And the reasons being talked about are hurting religious sentiments, and smoking scenes without any warning.

This new development has been reported by Reuters, who have been informed about this censorship plan by a senior Govt. official.

What is the truth?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Can Be Censored Soon

A senior Govt. official, unnamed, has informed Reuters that Govt will soon censor Netflix, Amazon Prime, and all other OTT (Over The Top) apps which are streaming digital content in India.

As per the official, this decision is almost final, and very soon, an announcement can be made.

OTT players had made a decision to self-regulate their content, but Amazon Prime wasn’t part of that agreement. It seems that this can be the trigger.

He said, “The self-regulation isn’t the same for all, which is raising a concern … the directions are clear, we have to see how to address the problems,”

Reasons For Censoring Netflix, Amazon Prime Video?

Content which is being streamed via these on-demand video streaming apps have apparently ‘hurt religious sentiments’.

Political leaders have lodged their complaint with Govt., and this can be one of the reasons why censorship decision will be taken very soon.

We have already reported how web-series like Leila and Sacred Games have ‘offended’ some people, and complaints and protests have been lodged with the ‘upper echelons of power’.

Due to the same reasons, talks were on to completely ban streaming of content via these apps.

Another reason is that movies and web-series shown in these app openly shows smoking scenes, without any warning. This is against the rules under Anti Smoking Laws, and every cinema theater, TV channel is bound to show these smoking warnings. 

However, OTT apps are not following these rules.

Reuters report states: “The government official said there was also concern about disparity in how some content appeared on different mediums..”

Will Censorship Happen?

Under the existing laws in Indian Constitution, Indian Govt. cannot ban or censor any content which is streamed or published online.

Karnataka High Court recently dismissed a similar plea to ban such digital content, as under Cinematograph Act, 1952, no law exists for the same.

However, several cases are right now being heard in the Supreme Court and other High Courts, across the country, and Govt. has been asked to either create a law for censoring the content, and leave them alone.

Now, as pressure builds up, there can be some major decision soon from Indian Govt.

Interestingly, Netflix will soon release a show based on Hindu deities and Gods.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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