Freshers Can Double Their Salary At TCS If They Pass This Internal Test (Details Inside)

Freshers Can Double Their Salary At TCS If They Pass This Internal Test (Details Inside)
Freshers Can Double Their Salary At TCS If They Pass This Internal Test (Details Inside)

As per the reports, the IT giant TCS is giving an opportunity to its existing employees to demonstrate their skills and will also provide a chance to upgrade their salary/roles in the organization.

This process was earlier followed only for recruiting people through campus recruitment. 

By using this opportunity campus recruit can double their existing entry-level package with a demonstration of their skills through the TCS national qualifier tests (TNQT).  

What Is TCS National Qualifier Tests?

It is also called TNQT. Till now it is conducted for freshers. It is a nationwide online test with students of the year of passing can appear for it. 

This test is essential for every student or applicant or aspirant seeking for great career opportunities with TCS.

The objective of the TCS National Qualifier Test (TNQT) is to select the best talent in the country to fuel the growth plans of TCS with its Business 4.0® Strategy.

What Is the Vision Behind This Change?

According to TCS, this process will provide the existing employees a chance to not only prove their competency but also empower them to get a raise and double their existing remunerations.

Also, in the long run, this kind of test and internal exams will ensure the presence of a highly skilled workforce within the Company.

They believe that investment in skilled employees and bulk-hiring will benefit the company in the near future.

Milind Lakkad, Global Head of Human Resources said “With TNQT model for campus hiring, we can find more people who are hungry to prove a point and do well. If someone performs exceedingly well in the test, then we give them the option for a digital test which they can clear to aim for higher compensation,”. (reference BI)

This process will help the company in finding talent and expertise which is ready to perform by giving their best to the company.

How Does It Work?

Currently, this test will be applicable to the employees with up to three years of experience.

First, a test will be taken then those who performed very well in this exam will go through a digital test.

The ones who qualify to the digital test will be eligible for getting a better salary/role in the organization.

How Are They Hedging The funds?

TCS has hired around 30,000 employees in the first half of the financial year 2020.  

V Ramakrishnan, chief financial officer of TCS said “The revenue was lower than expected but hiring was on target. And, the utilization levels are healthy but can improve,”.

To make up for the salary expense, the software company is also implementing the ‘pyramid rationalization’.

According to this, the company will be hiring more employees with a maximum of four years of experience instead of more experienced people.

The company has witnessed a slight low performance in revenue generation in Q2 results. Still, they had been hiring people according to their targets. The Company reported an 11.6% attrition rate in the 2019 fiscal year.

Recently, Asia’s outstanding companies poll by Asiamoney also nominated this company as the most outstanding company in India and the country’s IT services sector.

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