Big Saving For Cable TV Users: Get 150 Channels Instead Of 100 For Rs 130 NCF; Saving Of Rs 40 Assured, Per Month

Big Saving For Cable TV Users: Get 150 Channels Instead Of 100 For Rs 130 NCF
Big Saving For Cable TV Users: Get 150 Channels Instead Of 100 For Rs 130 NCF

In a big decision, a powerful association of cable TV providers have decided to offer 150 channels for all cable TV users, in the same cost of Rs 130 NCF, per month.

Right now, cable TV users are getting 100 channels under the Rs 130 NCF, as mandated by TRAI.

It is not sure whether TRAI has approved this increment of channels under NCF or not.

150 Channels Instead Of 100 Under Rs 130 NCF

All India Digital Cable Federation or AIDCF, which is an association of Digital Multi-System Operators (MSOs) in India, has decided to offer 150 channels under the NCF charges of Rs 130 per month.

AIDCF represents 80% of the cable users in India, and their members are Hathway Digital, InDigital, Siti Networks, GTPL Hathway, Fastway Transmission, DEN Networks, UCN Cable, Ortel Communications, ICNCL, Asianet Digital, and Kerala Communicators Cable.

This development has been confirmed by AIDCF President, SN Sharma. He said, “In this regard, we would like to inform you that our members have discussed among themselves on the same and as of now the member of the association have agreed to charge Network Capacity Fee “NCF” of Rs. 130 (excluding taxes) up to 150 SD channels for those subscribers who renew their channels/bouquet/DPO packs on or before the due date.”

SN Sharma is also the CEO of DEN Networks.

How Will It Benefit Cable Users?

As per TRAI’s mandate, all cable and DTH users are paying Rs 130 NCF charges, and getting 100 channels. Under which, there are free to air channels and paid channels, for which, they need to pay extra.

If they want channels beyond 100, then they need to pay Rs 20 for 25 extra channels. 

Hence, for getting 150 channels, users are paying Rs 40 extra.

This Rs 40 for getting extra channels is the direct benefit which will be received by the users. 

Ever since TRAI implemented the new cable TV rules, 25% of all DTH users have left their cable connections, and subscribed to OTTs such as Netflix, Hotstar and more.

This move by the association of cable TV operators is a strong signal of their desperation to retain customers.

Has TRAI Been Informed?

Since TRAI is also aware that DTH and Cable TV users are leaving the TV platform, and opting for OTT or digital content, they have issued an open statement, asking all cable and DTH operators to do the needful, to help users reduce their bills.

Using this open ended and unspecific direction from TRAI, cable operators have decided to increase the channels to 150, instead of 100.

Justifying this move, SN Sharma said, “We are hopeful that this would take care of the concern of the Authority and help in reducing the consumer price.”

We are awaiting reaction from TRAI and DTH operators on this development. 

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