Soon, No Passport Required At These Airports: Biometric Scan Means No Boarding Pass Needed!

India will soon embrace 100% biometric scan at airports
India will soon embrace 100% biometric scan at airports

Three of the biggest airports in India have kickstarted biometric based boarding and authentication of passengers, which means that no passport or boarding pass will be required now.

This is part of the DigiYatra initiative from Govt of India and Civil Aviation Ministry.

How will this work?

No Passport, No Boarding Pass Required

Three airports: Delhi, Hyderabad and Bengaluru have now started full-fledged trials of biometric based passenger authentication process.

Using biometric access such as facial recognition, fingerprints and iris scan, the airport authority will now authenticate the passengers.

This means that even if you don’t have a passport, you can simply walk through the terminal and check-in without any boarding pass!

Trial Of Biometric Scan Starts

Mint columnist Ajay Awtaney actually used the biometric based authentication process as a trial at Hyderabad airport, and was amazed at the speed with which is works.

He writes: “It took about two minutes to register for access, and then I went straight to the gate without a boarding pass.”

This can be described as a complete paperless boarding and check-in process, introduced for the first time in India.

In Delhi, the trails for paperless boarding via biometric scan will start with Vistara Airlines, and registration will start at T3 terminal next month onwards.

DigiYatra Initiative: 100% Biometric Based Boarding Process

The process of ditching passport and boarding pass at airports is part of the DigiYatra initiative, wherein biometric based authentication of passengers is the future.

Once the passenger registers at DigiYatra portal, all he needs to do at the airport is verify via biometric access (face, iris and/or fingerprint verification).

Once done, the passenger can straight away walk to the boarding gate, and enter the flight.

Details such as PNR number, ticket number, checkin information, date of birth, name, location, address are stored in one DigiYatra ID, which is linked with the biometric details. A one-time authentication via Aadhaar, passport, voter ID or any other Govt. issued ID is required.

Here we have covered step-by-step process of this unique initiative, which can be checked here.

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