The New 2019 Audi A6 Exclusive Review & Images: Is It The Best You Can Get?

The New 2019 Audi A6 Exclusive Review & Images
The New 2019 Audi A6 Exclusive Review & Images

The new generation Audi A6 (2019) will be launched in India by early October this year.

It’s the eighth generation of A6 and is expected to come with sporty yet sophisticated looks and cutting edge technologies.

Here is a review of the same, along with few exclusive images.


Is It Love At First Sight?

The new Audi A6 sports a lower, wider and more ornate front grille, a place where the four rings are proudly placed. 

The enchanting Matrix headlamps uses multiple LED beams that is intelligently controlled to offer superior illumination without hindering the visibility for others on the road (remember, with great power comes great responsibility!). 

Audi A6 Exclusive Image

The wrap-around shoulder lines, free-standing mirrors and 18” partly polished alloy wheels clearly makes the side design look evolutionary. 

At the rear, the sharp trailing edge looks like an in-built spoiler while a chrome strip elegantly connects the rear LED tail lights that have dynamic turn indicators.

But The Real Beauty Lies Inside.. Right?

On the interior, the Audi A6 has a completely futuristic instrument panel compared to its predecessor. 

The center console consists of two MMI touch response screens and offers progressive infotainment offerings ranging from navigation, smart-phone interface to Audi connect. Up to seven drivers can individually store their profile and preferred settings. 

The natural voice command is your genie that responds to all your requests from finding the near-by restaurants to moderating the AC temperature. 

The advanced Bang & Olufsen advanced 3D Sound System in the technology variant produces immersive sound. The four-zone AC in technology variant allows the passengers in the front and rear to individually set their preferred temperature. 

Audi A6 Exclusive Image
Audi A6 Exclusive Image

The rear panel houses a USB interface that lets you connect your phone to play the music of your choice and then use your phone like a remote. The new model is slightly longer, wider and taller than the outgoing A6. The interior space is also about 21mm longer and aids in making the cabin feel roomier. 

How Does It Feel?

The Audi A6 uses a 2 litre four-cylinder petrol engine that mates seamlessly with the S-tronic dual-clutch transmission and generates 245hp with 370Nm torque. 

Audi A6 Exclusive Image
Audi A6 Exclusive Image

The car can zoom from 0 to 100 Kms/hr in 6.8 secs. This is the only engine option with the new A6 and it’s BS-6 compliant. However, there is nothing to complain as petrol and hybrid is the future and considering the little difference in cost of operation, diesel is soon expected to be a thing of past. Moreover, there is enough power to make the automobile enthusiasts gleam.

The Drive Select has modes like comfort, dynamic, auto and individual that influence engine behaviour, gear shifts and steering. The car also boasts of some innovative features like lane departure warning and a 48V mild hybrid system.

Is It The Best You Can Get?

With a strong comparison from rivals like Mercedes benz E-class and BMW 5 Series, it was time that the A6 got a new robust avatar. 

The sharp design, refined and powerful engine, intuitive Multi-media interface and gizmos like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, wireless charger, etc should help increase the new model’s appeal.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class boasts a luxuriously plush rear seat while the BMW 5 Series offers unmatched sportiness. In this perspective, The A6 tries to be the best package overall.

Is It Worth Your Love?

Prices for the new A6 are expected at Rs 53 lacs ex-showroom for Premium Plus and 58 lacs for the Technology variant. 

The simple answer for the above question will depend on how much you value the kind of luxury and performance that the new A6 has to offer. 

About The Author:

This is a review of the new upcoming Audi A6 2019 by an anonymous Audi fan. All the images are exclusive to us.

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