Is Poco F2 Launching Between Diwali & Christmas/New Year? This Evidence Strongly Suggests So..

Is Poco F2 Launching During Christmas/New Year? This Evidence Strongly Suggests So..
Is Poco F2 Launching During Christmas/New Year? This Evidence Strongly Suggests So..

Even Since Poco F1 has been launched, intense speculations have been around for Poco F2, the next version of this powerhouse of a smartphone which can have the all-powerfull SD 855 processor.

Xiaomi fans have been asking about Poco F2 since eternity, and thousands of such fans are eagerly awaiting any developments. They have stopped buying any new smartphones, as they want Poco F2 to be their next one.

Now, some fresh ‘unintentional’ images have been revealed on Twitter, which strongly suggests that Poco F2 can be launched this Christmas/New Year season.


Poco F2 Launching During Christmas?

Evidence #1

Xiaomi India Head Manu Kumar Jain recently tweeted an image from his office, wherein discussions are on with Sneha Tainwala, who has been described as Chief Diwali Officer.

She is actually Lead, Redmi Business, as per her Twitter profile.

So, the first evidence is that, some very interesting discussions around Xiaomi’s Diwali offers are currently on. 

Evidence #2

In the image tweeted by Manu, there is a blackboard in the background, and in that, Poco F2 has been caught written.

Immediately above the text: Poco F2, is the number 11, which follows 10, and followed by 12.

Which means October, November, December.

Now, Diwali is on October 27th, 2019.

Poco F2 during November/December?

And Christmas, as we all know, is on December 25th, and New Year on January 1st, 2020.

It seems that the team at Xiaomi is planning a Poco F2 launch somewhere between this time period, that is after Diwali or before New Year/Christmas.

What Is The Truth?

To be honest, except the team at Xiaomi, no one knows the exact truth.

GizmoChina too are also speculating about a possible Poco F2 launch next quarter, which is October-December, 2019.

So, Should You Wait For Poco F2 or Buy Poco F1?

This is the ultimate question, the answer of which is being pursued by everyone.

Starting September 28th, Xiaomi has launched a special smartphone sale festival on their website, wherein Poco F1 is offered at Rs 14,999 (6GB, 64 GB).

This is the cheapest price of Poco F1 ever offered in India, and in case you are desperate for Poco series, then you should go for it.

6GB, 128GB is being offered at Rs 15,999, while the highest version: 8GB, 256 GB is offered at Rs 18,999.

Right now, we can safely vouch that these are the cheapest price to have ever been offered.

But yes, the possibility of Poco F2 launching during Christmas/New Year is also very strong, albeit unconfirmed. 

Stay tuned, as we will keep updating you with incoming news about Poco F2.

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