NRIs Will Get Instant Aadhaar In India; No More 180 Days Waiting (How To Apply?)

NRIs Will Get Instant Aadhaar In India; No More 180 Days Waiting (How To Apply?)
NRIs Will Get Instant Aadhaar In India; No More 180 Days Waiting (How To Apply?)

In a huge relief to millions of NRIs or Non-Resident Indians, Govt. of India has issued notification, stating that every NRI will get their Aadhaar card instantly, after they arrive in India.

Earlier, they used to wait for 180 days to get an Aadhaar card.

During the Union Budget speech two months back, Finance Minister had announced that NRIs would be able to get their Aadhaar Card easily.

On September 20th, Govt. of India issued a notification in this regard, and confirmed this development.

Here is the notification:

Instant Aadhaar For NRIs

As per the Govt. notification, NRIs who are living outside India can now apply for Aadhaar beforehand, and mention the dates on their India visit.

Based on their available dates, the Aadhaar enrollment officers near to their homes will complete the formalities, and issue the Aadhaar card as per the dates mentioned.

This means that the NRIs will not be required to wait for 180 days, which was the case earlier.

UIDAI CEO Ajay Bhushan Pandey had earlier informed that the required changes to the systems will be made, so that the Aadhaar process is not delayed for the NRIs, and the issuance is done instantly.

Outlining the entire process, he had said, “We are working to make the appropriate technological changes and we will provide an appointment facility where people outside the country also can apply for a time slot and specify the place they would like to go to get their Aadhaar made…as soon as they come to India they can, very conveniently, go and get their Aadhaar made,”

Advantages For Aadhaar With NRI

In India, Aadhaar is right now very important: Right from filing income tax to eEYC process (except some entities), Aadhaar is required everywhere.

Once the NRis are able to get their Aadhaar instantly, they can use it for completing eKYC process, and also file Income Tax returns seamlessly. 

How Can NRIs File For Aadhaar

Step 1: NRIs should visit this link (official UIDAI link for NRIs)

Step 2: Submit all the valid details, and upload the required documents

Step 3: Schedule the time of arrival

Step 4: To checkout which documents needs to be uploaded, visit here (official UIDAI link for NRIs)

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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