10 Year Old Kid Creates Paytm Account; Steals Rs 35,000 From His Dad’s Bank Account!

This is now a class 4th kid stole Rs 35000 from his dad's bank account (Image only for representational purpose)
This is now a class 4th kid stole Rs 35000 from his dad’s bank account (Image only for representational purpose)

In a bizarre case of Digital India gone wrong, a class 4th student, aged 10 years, not only created a Paytm account in his father’s name, but also stole Rs 35,000.

How did this happen?

And more importantly, why did he do that?


Rs 35,000 Stolen From Fake Paytm Account For Online Games

The case happened in the capital of Uttar Pradesh: Lucknow.

A class 4th student, aged no more than 10 years, is addicted to online games.

Unable to source money to buy newer versions of games, and to make in-game purchases, he devised a plan.

Using his father’s name, he created a Paytm account, and then started using the wallet for purchasing new games, and to buy in-game products from his favourite games.

He regularly added money to this fake Paytm account from his father’s bank account.

How Did This Happen?

The most interesting aspect of this bizarre case is the fact that the 10 year old kid was able to add his father’s bank account into this Paytm account.

And then, gradually, he used to add money into the wallet, and continued his purchases of games.

Initially, the father didn’t notice, but after a year of this incident, he realized that Rs 35,000 has gone from his bank account.

Since he never created his own Paytm account, he never realised how this happened.

Once he came to know about this ‘theft’, he contacted cyber crime department.

How The Kid Was Caught?

The case was pretty easy: The cyber crime department quickly found out that the Paytm number into which the money from his bank account was deposited, and the phone number linked with bank account are the same. 

Hence, they knew that it was an ‘inside job’, and someone close from the family was conducting this ‘fraud’.

They talked with the kid, and soon, he gave in, and admitted that he was the culprit.

The cyber crime officials and police personnel at the Hazratganj station counseled the kid, and then let him go. 

Our Opinion

If we try to extract the positivity from this news, then it would be the fact that even a class 4th child can create Paytm account (and mobile wallet), attach bank account with the same, and then use it to buy products/services online.

But the bad news is that, the process has become so easy, and anyone, even a class 4th kid can do this, and his father had no idea how the money is being spent from his bank account.

Do we need more awareness about digital transactions or we need to make the process even more sophisticated?

This incident has certainly ignited an interesting debate.

Do share your opinions and viewpoints by commenting right here!

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