‘Metrolite’ Train For Smaller Cities Planned; 9 Fascinating Facts You Should Know (#5 Will Shock You!)

An Underground Train In Mexico City (Only for representational purpose)
An Underground Train In Mexico City (Only for representational purpose)

The Government of India is making plans to run a railway in small cities and towns, which will be called ‘Metrolite’. The Metrolite will be especially for those cities and towns, where the rate of passengers, and the overall population is low.  

The Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA), Government of India is looking to start the Metrolite train in cities and towns where there is less number of ridership. Almost 50 cities will be getting the Metrolite if all goes as planned by the Government. 

What plans does the Government have for the Metrolite? Read on and find out all the details!

Government of India Planning To Introduce ‘Metrolite’ in Small Cities

As of now, the metro railway is being developed for bigger cities with huge populations and where there are more passengers and Peak Hour Peak Direction Traffic (PHPDT). The idea of introducing a ‘lite’ version of the metro comes inspired by the success that the Metro has seen.

The specifications state, “Seeing the success of metro rail in the country, several other cities with lower projection of ridership are also aspiring for rail based mass rapid transit system, which could be fulfilled by Light Urban Rail Transit System named “Metrolite” with lesser capacity at much less cost.”

The Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry has already issued standard specifications for the Metrolite railway, under the name ‘Standard Specifications of Light Urban Rail Transit System ‘Metrolite’ train.’ 

9 Things You Should Know About The Metrolite

Here’s how the Metrolite is planned to function:

  1. One train will come with 3 coaches, and will be enabled to carry about 300 passengers. 
  2. The maximum speed of operation will be 60 kilometers per hour. 
  3. The train will travel at elevations, at grade and tunnels as well. 
  4. There will be a pathway exclusive for the Metrolite system, and it will be separated from the road traffic with the help of continuous plinth/fencing on both sides of the Metrolite.
  5. There will be ticket validators installed inside the Metrolite trains and shelter too. These will be along with NCMC or any other ticketing setups.
  6. If found without an authentic ticket, a hefty penalty will be imposed on the passengers traveling without a ticket. This will be carried out through a random examination of passengers.
  7. In case of emergencies, there will be scope for side evacuation between two tracks.
  8. The Ministry plans to install CCTV surveillance systems on platforms. Also, train communication will be carried over the Tetra radio.
  9. The Ministry has specified that for the production of an extensive number of goods, the local manufacturing will be limited. The ministry has suggested outsourcing elements as much as possible.

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