Govt. Blames TikTok For Anti-National Activities; TikTok Can Be Banned In India, Again

Govt. Blames TikTok For Anti-National Activities
Govt. Blames TikTok For Anti-National Activities

Tiktok has solely opened a pandora’s box of controversies for itself, leading to the app being banned in India in recent past. However, the ban on the app has been lifted, but the controversies keep coming. 

What is it this time? TikTok might be banned from the Government again, only if it doesn’t answer a questionnaire appropriately. 

And the app is not alone in this. The Government of India has sent notices to TikTok and Helo apps warning them of a ban if they don’t answer a set of questions appropriately. 

Why has the Government sent notice to the Tiktok and Helo? Read on for the whole story!

The Ministry of Electronics and IT Issue Notice to TikTok and Helo

The Cyber Laws and e-Security wing of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) sent out strict notices to Tiktok and Helo, and directed them to answer the raised concern or face a ban. 

Along with the notices, the Government has sent a set of 21 questions for both the social networking apps to fill out and send back. 

What is the reason behind this sudden action? TikTok and Helo have allegedly become “a hub of anti-national activities”, and the MeitY has asked that they respond to this accusation in a manner that the Government thinks is positive and appropriate.  

As per sources, the apps have been ordered to guarantee that no data of Indian users is being transferred, and will never be transferred in future as well “to any other foreign government or any third party or private entity”.

Helo has been asked for an explanation about another accusation as well; the app has allegedly paid huge amounts of money to other media platforms to post 11000 morphed political ads on its platform. 

TikTok and Helo’s Response

TikTok and Helo have conjointly issued a statement in response that they appreciate the support and love that the Indian users have shown them. 

The statement said, “Our continued success in India will not be possible without the support of our local community. We take our responsibilities to this community seriously and welcome this opportunity to fully collaborate with the Government to meet and exceed our obligations.”

The statement also said that they have plans to make investments worth $1 billion over the period of the next three years to bring about better technology and infrastructure. They also have plans of “establishing local partnerships”, and supporting initiatives such as the Skill India program. 

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