Youth in Tamil Nadu Loses Life Over TikTok Video; Should TikTok be Banned?

TikTok Is Already Notorious, How Will This Affect the Popularity of The App?

Is TikTok harmful for the youth?
Is TikTok harmful for the youth?

TikTok has started garnering a lot of negative criticism resulting in a ban, which has already been imposed in Tamil Nadu. Now, adding fuel to the fire is this news – a young man has been murdered in the same state, Tamil Nadu! His crime – uploading a TikTok video on a social media platform.

This puts a final vote on the ban of TikTok, doesn’t it? Read all about this tragic event here!

Here’s What Went Down

A daily wage worker was murdered in the Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu for uploading a video that he had shot on the social media platform, TikTok. He was murdered by a ‘friend’ and at only 28 years of age.

The accused and the victim both are originally from Thalambedu. Venkatraman, who is 31 years old, and the victim, Shiva, both were employed as workers on a farmland near the village, Thalambedu. Apparently, the duo had shot a video that targeted a community, which is an oppressed community and this video led to the disturbance of the peaceful atmosphere in the village.

After-effects of the Video Going Viral

This video, which was targeted towards a marginalized community of the same village, gave rise to protests from the people of this community. Also, a few people started protesting in front of Venkatraman’s house and also filed a complaint with the police against the two friends.

Wanting to save themselves from the police, the friends went into hiding. But this proved to be a wrong decision, as the police detained Venkatraman’s father for questioning. This is where things took a turn for the worse and a fight ensued between the two, which led to Shiva’s gruesome murder at the hands of Venkatraman.

After this, Venkatraman went to the Tirutani Police Station and surrendered himself. Currently, the police have arrested him and investigation is in process. However, Shiva’s brother is of the opinion that this murder was based on a different reason altogether.

Tamil Nadu Bans TikTok

Recently, the Tamil Nadu Information Technology Minister M Manikandan declared in the Assembly that the state government will ask for the Centre’s help to employ a ban on this mobile app, TikTok.

The minister clarified, “Various sections are demanding a ban on this mobile application. We will soon seek a ban on TikTok, just like the Blue Whale game was banned by the centre.”

Apparently, this statement of the Minister is in response to the request by Thameemun Ansari of Manithaneya Jananayaga Katchi (MJK), who claimed that this app is causing social degeneration and is a bad influence on users.

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