These Are Two Emojis Which Indians Use The Most; Android, Apple Will Have These 9 New Emojis

Which emojis are used the most by Indians?
Which emojis are used the most by Indians?

Today is World Emoji Day, and social media users and digital enthusiasts are celebrating the day with.. Guess what? Emojis!

Celebrated since 2014, World Emoji Day have gained prominence since last two years, as more and more conversations on social media are using emojis to form that emotional connect, which is sometimes missing within digital conversations.

Today, on the occassion of World Emoji Day, we will share the two emojis which are used by most of the Indians and the list of 11 emojis which will be soon introduced by Android and Apple’s iPhones.

But, before that, did you know the history of emojis?

History Of Emojis

Emoji is a combination of two Japanese terms: “e” (?, “picture”) + “moji” (??, “character”).

The first emojis were launched by J-Phone in Japan in 1997, and the phone had a list of 90 emojis.

Two Most WIdely Used Emojis In India

As per some research released by tech company Bobble AI, the two most widely used emojis in India are:

“tears of joy” and “blowing a kiss”

It seems that Indians love to express their opinions and viewpoints by laughing out loud, and by sharing their hearts.

Love and laughter are the major keywords here!

The other emojis being featured in the top 10 list are:

smiling face with heart eyes, kiss mark, OK hand, loudly crying face, beaming face with smiling eyes, thumbs-up, folded hands and smiling face with sunglasses.

These 9 New Emojis Will Be Launched By Android, Apple

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that both Android and Apple will update their respective operating systems with new emojis, which would be gradually released this year,

Overall, 60 new emojis would be added.

Here are the top 11 emojis which we found to be quite relevant and impactful:

Holding Hands

This set of new emojis show humans holding hands, without any prejudice of gender or race or color.

Very powerful emotions here.

Service Dog

This new emoji showcases the love for dogs, and especially service dogs who support their masters with full dedication.

Emotions are overflowing here, all right!


To provide a window of expression for humans with disabilities, two new wheelchair emojis have been added, irrespective of race or color.

Prosthetic arm and prosthetic leg

To highlight the importance and the acceptance of articificial limbs, new emojis of prosthetic arm and prosthetic leg have beeb added.

Signs For Deaf

Going forward with the expression of disability, new emojis related with hearing aid and the ASL sign for deafness have been added.

Person With White Cane

This emojis showcases the visually challenged person, walking with a while cane.

Another extension of expression for the physically challenged persons.

New Animals

Besides, emojis for new animals have been added such as orangutans, otters and skunk.

New Saree Emoji

Indian saree has been added as a new emoji, along with shorts and afety vests.

Yawning Emoji

Yawning, one of the most common human expression, finally finds its way into the emoji list.

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