Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff Join #BottleCapChallenge: What It Is, And Why Did It Start?

#BottleCapChallenge is the new social media rage
#BottleCapChallenge is the new social media rage

Instagram and fellow social networking apps have been flooding with videos of the bottle cap challenge, which seems to be the latest craze among the netizens.

In spite of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp being crippled, this challenge of opening a bottle’s cap with a kick has found its way to the top of everybody’s feeds and walls.

Even celebrities haven’t been able to hold back from showing off their crazy talent at this challenge and have posted videos of themselves performing the challenge. Moreover, they have been tagging other celebrities to participate in the same. 

What is the bottle cap challenge all about, where did it start, and why has it become so popular overnight? Read on to know all about it!

The #bottlecapchallenge: The Origin

The bottle cap challenge was ‘kickstarted’ by a Taekwondo instructor and fighter, Farabi Davletchin. He initiated the challenge under a different hashtag, which was #farakickschallenge, which was posted on June 25, 2019. 

In his video, Davletchin has sprung into a kick so strong, yet so delicate as to twist open the cap of a bottle without tipping the bottle over. What’s more, is that he uncapped the bottle in two different ways.

While this video fetched more than 211,000 views and 12500 likes in six days, the video started on its journey after 28th June when mixed martial artist, Max Holloway posted a video of himself on Twitter, and he passed on the challenge further, tagging musician John Mayer.

John Mayer, in turn, tagged popular actor Jason Stathom and the video has been spreading like wildfire ever since.

Celebrities Join In The #bottlecapchallenge

This bottle cap challenge requires quite some finesse, as untwisting the cap of a bottle through its threads with a kick is not as simple as it looks. Celebrities have taken to Instagram, facebook, and twitter for flaunting their skills of martial arts.

Akshay Kumar, the Bollywood actor who is much loved for his actions and stunts in movies, is probably the first one to set the ball of the bottle cap challenge rolling. “I couldn’t resist #BottleCapChallenge,” says the actor in his caption. He also says that the video is inspired by his “action idol”, which is Jason Stathom. 

Tiger Shroff also participated in the challenge, but has taken a step further. The upcoming star has made a small alteration of putting a blindfold over his eyes, and has successfully completed this challenge!

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