17 Funny Tweets On #FacebookDown, #InstagramDown, #WhatsappDown (Services Are Restored Now)

Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram down
Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram down

Since last 12-14 hours, the world has turned into a strange place, and the reason was that three of the biggest social media networks: Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp faced a severe downtime.

For more than 12 hours, users from all over the world reported about mal-functioning of these three portals/apps, and there was chaos all around.

The issue becomes super interesting when you realize the fact that these three social media networks are owned by the same company, and the same issue was faced by everyone: Users couldn’t see or upload images on any of these portals.

Thankfully, the issue is now resolved, and all the three platforms are working fine.

However, when these networks were down, users thronged to Twitter, and expressed their frustration via funny memes, graphics and texts, which amused one and all.

Here are some of the funny tweets which users posted using #FacebookDown, #InstagramDown and #WhatsappDown:

Facebook, along with Whatsapp and Instagram have admitted about an unknown technical issue, which resulted in this outage, and have assured all the services are now up and running.

Did you post any funny meme or graphics on this matter? Do share them right here, with us!

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